Sewing Rooms

I am a fortunate quilter. My sweet husband is okay with me using 2 of the 3 bedrooms in our small house for quilting. He jokingly said one day, “Would you like to use the master bedroom?” I said, “Could I.” Lol

The cutting and ironing area are new. Made from cabinet bases from Lowes, baskets and lights from Ikea, and Expedit bookcase from Ikea.

One of the bedrooms is my sewing room.


Cutting area


Ironing area


Hand sewing area


The other room is for my Innova longarm and design wall.


Lots of thread, stencils, and pantographs


I used a picture ledge from Ikea for my rulers


Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for stopping by.


8 thoughts on “Sewing Rooms

  1. Lovely space! I like the idea for the rulers. I may have to steal that one, but isn’t it part of the reason we so love to see other studios? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Linda you have a lovely sewing space. Thanks for all your ideas. I also love seeing all the pics of the quilts you show. I am in the market for a long arm and see that you have a Innova. Would you email me and share your opinion on the machine. thanks

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