Longarm Cord Solution

I’ve got this thing about electric cords. Don’t like them. Especially don’t like them strung across a wall, snaking across the floor, or draped over an end table. Sometimes it can’t be helped but before I give up I’ll try every idea I can find.

My husband installed a cord traveling system on my Gammill using conduit, but that wasn’t going to work with my new Innova since it has a center leg. Couldn’t find ideas on the Internet so the cord was on the floor. That was not a good thing. I stepped on the power strip button and momentarily shut the machine off-twice. I wrapped the cord around my ankle-twice. My husband stepped on it twice and then couldn’t move the machine! After that happened, he said he’d come up with something.

The solution was to insert a bolt in the ends, just inside the back edge. A wire is wrapped around one bolt, attached to a turnbuckle at the other end which is attached to the other bolt. Super simple.
I happen to have some rings that hold cafe curtains so we are trying those but you could use simple shower curtain rings the put the cord through.

Here’s pictures.





If you have any questions, let me know.
Thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “Longarm Cord Solution

  1. Oh brilliant!! I have mine hanging but I bang my knee on the cords when I’m doing a panto, This is just what I need to get this thing hanging a little closer to the middle of the table. Thanks!

  2. Hi! I see that the post about the cord system is over a year old. I have been searching for a while for an answer to the problem. I have a Gammill Classic. Do you have photos of your husband’s solution to that (prior to your Innova)? I would really love to know the fix for the problem. My machine moves smoothly mostly, but there is a tiny pull from the cord that is driving me nuts! I would appreciate your advice since you seem to have solved the issue twice now! Thanks in advance, Brenda H

  3. Linda,
    I have an Innova and trying to find a fix for my tripping cords. I understand the cable, bolts and ring holder for the cord. I don’t know where you put your surge protector. Do you have a picture of the surge protector? The thick cord is from what? Extension cord?
    Thank you so much. I’m a visual person and just need another picture so I can work on my set up.

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