September Get It Done

September??? I have no idea where the summer went and in terms of sewing, I didn’t get much done. But then when I look at what my husband and I did get accomplished in other areas of our life, I’m okay with that. 2000 square feet of sod laid, longarm assembled, longarm room recarpeted, longarm room painted, sewing room tables painted and constructed, reorganization of two very full sewing closets. Bought new truck (way more time consuming for me than I anticipated). Whew. That list makes me tired.

As for the challenge at Patchwork Times, I did okay there too.

August Goals
1. Assemble Quilt of Love Hugs and Kisses Quilt – Finished. See pic below.
2. Get more of snow embroidery done – Made good progress because of all the time in the car.
3. Finish stitching on Wm Morris appliqués – Didn’t happen.
4. Finish sewing blocks for Scraps and White project – Yes and no. I finished sewing blocks for the originally planned size but when I put it on the design wall, decided I liked it more than I expected. So I’m going to make it king size for my bed.
5. Make more birds – Didn’t happen.

September Goals
1. Quilt Quilt of Love Hugs and Kisses Quilt.
2. Get more of snow embroidery done.
3. Finish stitching Wm Morris Appliqués.
4. Finish sewing blocks for Scraps and White project.
5. Make more birds.

That’s funny. Even though I made progress in August, my list has the same projects.

Here’s the Guild’s Hugs and Kisses blocks all assembled and a border added from pieces of the fabrics the ladies used. I’m in a quandary re the quilting. On the one hand, I’d like to try something modern and dense, but then I really shouldn’t spend a great amount of time on it. Maybe I can find a compromise between dense custom and pantograph.

See the Christa’s Quilt Along button on the right. Click that for instructions for this quilt along with a lot of other fun stuff.


See the little heart in the bottom right corner? Since this isn’t the typical heart quilt for the Guild, I added that so it would have a heart on it!

Thanks for stopping by.

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