Customer Quilt Show

Here’s some customer’s quilts I recently had the pleasure of quilting.

First up is Barbara’s

I always love her quilts. Pattern is Chantilly by it’s Sew Emma. I think she also did her Bordeaux pattern. Just lovely. Camellias Pantograph



Ann’s Flower quilt is so cute. It’s always hard to decide whether to use black or white thread on a quilt like this. I chose white. The design is freehand leaves, curls and a few flowers.



I quilted loopy leaf in the border. This design came from The Inbox Jaunt where you can find lots of great designs from a very talented quilter. I also echoed the leaf.


Next up is Tina’s T-shirt quilt. I think it’s the largest one yet. She did a great job putting this together. Simplicity Pantograph.




Lastly but definitely not least (and definitely not the smallest) is Valerie’s star quilt. Aren’t those colors wonderful? The only way I could take a picture was to put it on my king size bed. Simplicity Pantograph.



Thanks to all of you for allowing me to quilt your quilt tops!

Thanks for stopping by.



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