Modern Wedding Ring Progress-Part 2

I finished the center motifs in the cream and will add to them later if necessary. For now I moved on to the blue arcs. Instead of dense straight lines, I chose curvy lines, sort of ribbon candy, which I felt was a density more consistent with the rest of the quilt and would turn the corners of the arcs smoothly. The King Tut variegated thread really looks good. It was hard to get a picture on a cloudy day that showed the thread but this picture will give you an idea. I don’t think you can see the continuous curve in the squares.


Quilt of Valor made by myself and my friends, Joan and Ellene using our Accuquilt. We call our little group, JEL Bee. Get it? My husband quilted it with the Patriot pantograph.



Max and Beau have been acting silly. I told them to go to their house (kennel). They both have one but this is what happened.


Thanks for stopping by.



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