Classic Bluework Embroidery Quilt

This lovely bluework quilt top was made by Carolyn. She told me to do what I wanted and I was in a feather mood. So I stitched around most of the embroidery, leaving some of it not stitched to give it dimension. Then I stitch a frame and filled it with my version of McTavishing. I added some leaves and flowers here and there. The area outside of the frame was feathered. The border has swags with feathers and 1/8″ straight lines.

All quilting done with Sew Fine in an off white. That helped me to see where I had stitched.




A few of the blocks.





The border


Thanks Carolyn for giving me the opportunity to be in feather heaven.


8 thoughts on “Classic Bluework Embroidery Quilt

  1. I looked at this for over 5 minutes! OMG that is stunning! The frames are just brilliant and the swags add that final touch. Love everything about this one. I hope she enters it in a show, it’s beautiful!

  2. Your long arm quilting is amazing. As are your patterns and your customers’ patterns. I am amazed. I am pouring over your posts to see if you offer info on obtaining patterns. In particular…do you know where I could find the patterns for the hand embroidered flowers!

    • I asked my customer about her source. Here’s her reply.

      I used a book called Wildflower Album by Bea Oglesby. I think there were forty some patterns. They were supposed to be embroidered in colors but as you know I only used one color and did outlines. I don’t remember if it was a quilting book.

  3. So beautiful. I’m wondering if there is some sort of stuffing or fiberfill inside the petals and leaves that make them appear fuller or is that just optical illusion from the quilting. Lovely, lovely quilt!

  4. I am not sure if you received my question, so I will send it again, i would love to embroider a quilt like the wildflower quilt, but half the beauty of the quilt is in the long arm stitching. Do you do stitching for those who send you quilts from out of state and what are your fees? thank you

    • Thanks for your inquiry. Sorry I missed it before. I don’t due that custom work at all anymore. However you could show a Longarm quilter a picture of the quilt and ask if she can do it. Good luck.

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