Beautiful Appliqué Quilt

Marilyn has done it again. This is a large (around 92×95″) appliqué quilt. Her work is just beautiful. Her appliqué is perfect. I am blessed to call her a friend.

Couldn’t get a picture of the entire quilt, so here are a couple of views

Most of the appliqué backgrounds are quilted with my version of McTavishing with feather flowers, feathers, and butterflies mixed in. The butterflies are the same butterfly in one of the blocks. Mosaic is quilted with crosshatching.




Here’s some of my favorite blocks.





In this block, I quilted McTavishing in the cream background but in the background directly behind the appliqué, I quilted leaves to separate it from the McTavished area.


This is the block with the appliquéd butterflies.


Center block




Thanks for stopping by to see this beautiful quilt.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Appliqué Quilt

  1. Hi Linda,

    Thank you for posting these photos of Marilyn’s VTR. Your choice for the quilting design was perfect to offset Marilyn’s impeccable applique.
    Thank you both for making my design look so good!


  2. Oh my that is amazingly stunning! I love how you quilted in the butterfly in a couple, so wonderful. And the use of feathers to enhance the applique is genius! Thanks for showing all the details. I spent some time studying each one. I can’t get over how the grid really brings those applique blocks to the foreground. Amazing

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