Baltimore Christmas Album Quilt

My friend Ann makes beautiful appliqué quilts. Although she is also a talented hand quilter, she asked me to quilt her Baltimore Christmas Album quilt for her. As I worked on each block I was so impressed by the precision with which she sews all those tiny pieces. Simply amazing.



A few of my favorite blocks





I could post all the blocks as my favorites!!!

Then there’s the center Santa block. Ann pays attention to little details such as choosing and positioning a piece of fabric with a blue dot and white lines that makes his eye come alive. Part of Santa’s hat, his mustache, and other white pieces are stuffed. Every part of this quilt is perfect.




After outlining the appliqué, I McTavished the blocks around the center block. I quilted a holly border around Santa and separated it from the rest of the quilting by echoing it and a small stipple.


The outer border has curved crosshatching, feathers and straight lines.




Hope you enjoyed seeing such a beauty.


48 thoughts on “Baltimore Christmas Album Quilt

  1. WOW. This is so amazing. What great work the two of you do together. Thanks for sharing all the detailed pictures. I love the block with the holly and mctavishing around the center block. The border is so perfect and stunning. What an heirloom you helped to create.

  2. Very beautiful, each block has so much to look at. and the quilting frames each block perfectly. One of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. This is one of the most beautiful quilt I’ve ever seen, it’s a gift for our eyes, thank you and be pride of you! Anna, Italy

  4. The Pattern and its applique is beautifully done. What a delight to see such quality work from two exceptional talented quilt makers!!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I am a novice longarm quilter and doubt that I will ever achieve the level you have mastered! This quilt should be entered in quilt shows – the applique work is amazing!

  6. This is such a wonderful appique piece. I love to applkique and do believe this will be on my lap a lot throughout the coming year. Thank you both for showing your wonderful work to inspire us to go for it!

  7. Honestly I feel as though I’ve died and gone to quilt heaven. The details is superb. Please will someone let me know how and where this pattern can be gotten. I’m will pay for pattern. Thanks

  8. Thank you for sharing this lovely quilt. I don’t ever think I would have the time, never mind the unbelievable talent of both of you to make this one. It there anyway this quilt can be commissioned or perhaps this one can be purchased? Thank you so much for entertaining the thought. But thank you most of all for posting this quilt and allowing me to see such a thing of beauty. I am grateful to you both. Best, Lynne

      • Thank you so much for responding to me. Even after rejection (ha!) I am grateful. I just love your Garden quilt and Snowy Woods as well. Just lovely!! Just a thought please. If I were to make this quilt would you be able to quilt it for me with your long arm machine? I am sure I am not using the right terminology. Of course all shipping and handling charges paid in advance. And! You would be sworn to secrecy (especially not telling Ann) not letting anyone know my incompetence! Thank you for including pictures of Max and Beau. They are delightful to see and I’m sure my labs Molly and Jack would love to play with them. Thank you very much again. Best, Lynne

  9. Sorry, Lynne. I no longer custom quilt for customers. My hands are feeling the effects of all that fine detail work and so custom is now reserved for my personal quilts. But make the quilt top and then you’ll fine a great longarmer to quilt it. Glad you’ve enjoyed the other quilts too. I have friends with labs and they’re great dogs. In fact, now that I think about it, all my good friends have dogs!

    • Good morning from Chilly New York City. (We really don’t know what chilly means, right?)
      Thank you for your note. I appreciate it. Yes, I can imagine that this is hard on your hands (very hard) as your detail work is exquisite. I will find a longarmer to help me and I think I’m going to have to find a shortarmer as well! Ha! Because I don’t think I could tackle this project as my first project; though many years ago my Aunt Molly taught me to sew (not clothing but aprons and potholders, etc.) and I did make a baby quilt that was very much adored by my sister-in-law. So perhaps when I retire (next 4 years or so, probably on the so (sew) side), I’ll have time for a big project. I’ll let you know my progress if you don’t mind. Speak to you soon and thank you so much for all. Best, Lynne

  10. Oh my gosh, that is a beautiful quilt. I would love to do that. I haven’t done applique in years, but that would be worth doing it! Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Helen

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