Modern Quilts At AQS Charlotte

Even though I like the intricate piecing of traditional quilts, I’m also drawn to the simplicity and “clean” look of modern quilts. That fact that they are usually heavily quilted adds to my interest.

The circles are interesting. I love the square in the middle of them. Sort of describes me! Interesting at this distance, but walk closer and see the quilting. (WordPress is loading pics in wrong order. Oh well.)




Love the design of the first quilt and design and quilting of second one.



Even though this shade of green is not my favorite, I was interested in the bottom portion quilted with one design. . .



And the top portion in another. I probably wouldn’t have thought to to that, but I like it.


Tomorrow I’ll post some of the other quilts that I liked including my favorite. Strangely, I didn’t take a picture of any of the big winners.

Thanks for stopping by.


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