Custom and Pantograph Quilting

First up is a sweet flower basket appliqué and pieced quilt by Marian. I love the colors-bright and cheerful. I outlined the flower blocks and then filled in with a leaf and loop design. The nine patches have large leaves quilted so that the center stem of the leaves is on point in the block.





The back


The next one is an adorable Dr Seuss quilt, quilted with the Popcorn pantograph.




I plant tomatoes every summer in the backyard. It’s hard to find a place that gets enough sun but I’ve found two little patches where there’s just barely enough. This year I planted a couple of different heirloom plants along with the beefsteak. The beefsteak usually gives me large tomatoes and I did get a few, but mostly they are the little ones on the plate.


The large 1 pounder is the heirloom tomato called Strippy. It never gets red, just yellow with red stripes. Delicious and definitely one I’ll plant next year.

I grilled shrimp for the first time. Corn was also cooked in the husk on the grill. Of course, we always have a salad. It was a good meal and the shrimp were really delicious.


Thanks for stopping by.


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