Lacking Quilt Focus

Now that I feel I have more time, I feel like a quilter on speed. My mind jumps from one idea to another at a frenzied speed.

Should I just focus on finishing one of many projects? But some need to “marinate” while I figure out how to solve a problem (such as bird quilt). Some need my skills to improve (curve seams for Batik Wheels and double wedding ring). Some are good projects for transporting to my friend’s house for JEL Bee (mitered log cabin).

New fabrics grab my attention. I was given a layer cake last Christmas which I love and now know where to get it locally. I know it won’t be there long. I think I know what to make with it. Should I?????

Then there’s the old table topper on my coffee table that needs replacing. And I wish I had placemats and more seasonal table runners.

And then there’s the Queen Bee sale for which I need to get busy making things.

There’s 4 of my quilt tops hanging up with customer’s quilts waiting to be quilted.

Then today I see a post on She Can Quilt and I’m thinking that’s the kind of quilts I should make. Simple piecing, relatively quick but with lots of gorgeous quilting.

Morning Star by Heidi Teachout – Bed Quilts

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?

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