Quilting In The Pines Quilt Show

My Guild’s quilt show was this past Friday and Saturday. I am always so proud of my friends and fellow quilters. Our show was beautiful. In addition to Guild members, we also had approximately 30 quilts from outside the Guild for about 170 quilts in the show.

Best in Show was a beautiful appliqué quilt which I quilted. There’s photos in an earlier post here. I can’t believe I didn’t take photos of it hanging with all the ribbons. I got the Carolina Longarm Association ribbon for Best Longarm Quilting for my work on the quilt.

My own quilt, Snowy Woods, won first place in Wall Quilts, Mixed Techniques. There were quite a few in that category.





I always enjoy seeing the beautiful large bed quilts. I know how long it takes to complete one of these and the persistence it takes to do it well. Not sure if I took a picture of them all, but here’s some of them.

If anyone knows the pattern for this one, let me know.






My friend’s quilt made by her and her daughter for her daughter’s bed. Pictures are from their trip to Africa and some of the large cats they sponsor. Late in the day the sun was coming through the skylights.


Next post will have more pics from the show.

Thanks for stopping by.


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