Mountain Weekend

Taking a break from quilting. My hubby and I are spending an extended weekend in the Boone, NC area primarily to see our grandson play in the Appalachian State marching band. Unfortunately while we’re here, the weather has been cold and very windy. I had plans of long walks on a trail but that’s not going to happen. Instead we went to West Jefferson yesterday to see the art galleries and cute shops. The Ashe Arts Council had an interesting display of various media interpreting poems. The cheese factory wasn’t making cheese. I was hoping to see that. But I bought a good sharp cheddar and asiago. Got to support the local economy!!!

The Everything Has A Story shop is comprised of all handmade goods. That was interesting. Need a little paper purse for your post it notes?

Found this jam. It’s delicious.

They also had Toe Jam and Frog Jam.

The cabin we’re staying in is at the top of a mountain, accessed only by a horrible, winding, narrow, steep road that leaves my heart in my throat. I drove it when we arrived as I was the one driving through the heavy fog. I haven’t driven it since. We do have a nice view.

Breaking Dawn.


See the dark patch in the center of the previous picture? That’s a Christmas tree farm.


Here’s Alex during warmup.

He’s somewhere on the field.

Can’t believe he’s a junior. Rapidly becoming a man, and I realized when he hugged me, a very tall man.

More quilt show next post.

Thanks for stopping by.

One thought on “Mountain Weekend

  1. What a wonderful trip! My son is a junior (trumpet) in the Marshall marching band, The Marching Thunder, so we regularly visit Huntington, WV. Have a great week!

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