What I’m Working On

For some reason, I seem to be unable to work on one project at a time. Here’s the ones I’m actively working on. There are more that are simply sitting waiting for me to either solve a problem or get interested in once again.

Together my husband and I are working on a little boy’s quilt for the Falcon Children’s Home. When Craig works with me, the work goes faster and he has a chance to give back.

The center is a construction panel. Pattern came from a magazine.



Outside border blocks


Hopefully this will be finished for next Guild meeting.

Finished two customer quilts. Unfortunately one of my pictures was completely black. Some of my pictures are blurry. I’m having trouble with my camera. Maybe it’s time for a new one.

Carolyn’s Jelly roll quilt.


The Queen Bee made a Heart Quilt for the Guild to give to a sick or grieving member.


Most of my time has been spent quilting an old top of mine. It feels so good to get an UFO out of my “To Be Quilted” closet. Here’s a part of it. Hopefully it will come off the Longarm today.


Thanks for stopping by.


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