Birdbath Art Quilt

I have been starring at these birds and birdbath for a year. Couldn’t seem to move onto the next step. Probably because I didn’t know what that would be. But Palustris entries are due in a week so I’m making myself move on. Hope I can get it done.

Taking a picture of a quilt in progress seems to help me see what’s right and what’s not. So below is what it looks like at this moment. Before you scroll down to look at it, I need you to know the hydrangea bush behind the bird bath is not finished. I have many more flowers in front of the hydrangea to make and the bluebird which usually sits in the birdbath has left to go on a diet! Perhaps you can see where I’m heading though.

It’s hard to look at it at this moment and think it will turn out okay. But I’m having faith that after I move things around 10 times, I will be happy with it.

So here goes-


I have one more side to bind on this quilt and then will show a picture of the whole quilt. This block is not as wonky as it appears. The quilt is draped over the arm of a chair where I sew.


Thanks for stopping by.


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