Birdbath Quilt-Room For All

I finally quit adding flowers, moving them and leaves around. Had an empty area bottom right which needed more weight, so I added a squirrel crossing sign. Then I removed most of the hydrangea bush and repositioned it. After all that, still needed a few minor adjustments. Now I’m done. I have fused the fabrics to prevent me from moving anything else. I’m satisfied.

“Room For All” has been the working title since I first sat in my kitchen and saw the bluebird fly in to take a bath while the goldfinches were drinking. Not sure yet but the title might end up being “Room For All-In My Garden and My Heart.”

I still have splashing water to figure out. Had some wool batting pulled apart to blur the edges of the bluebird and that worked somewhat. Just haven’t made a decision yet.

Right now the pink flowers are flat but hopefully the quilting will solve that problem. Here it is on my design wall.


It will be fun to compare this picture to the quilted picture.

Thanks for stopping by.


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