Hexagon Quilt

Now that Room For All is done (for the moment), I can get caught up on customer quilts.

Here’s a wonderful hexagon quilt in beautiful fabrics made by Joyce. The backing goes perfectly with it. My camera has dulled the colors. It is clean and crisp with whites and pure colors. So lovely.

Light grey thread. Hearts-a-flutter pantograph.



I’m considering adding some beads to Room For All. Of course, when I got my beads out, I didn’t have the right ones. So I need to see what the store has and make a decision.

Today I’m loading a 110×110 quilt made by a first time quilter. What courage this lady has! She is a sewer though and has a friend (also a customer) who is a good quilter. The quilt is well made. It will be several days before this one is completed.

Beau NEVER shares a bone but, on occasion will share his space.


Thanks for stopping by.


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