More Customer Quilts

I didn’t take pictures of every customer quilt I’ve quilted since spring, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing a few of them.

 Karen’s with Frisky Feathers pantograph.  
Looks good on my bed, don’t you think?  However, she insisted on taking it home.

Barbara’s oriental with Ocean Froth pantograph, which on oriental fabrics looks very Asian.   
Dodie’s strip quilt with Whirlygig pantograph.

Barbara’s Halloween quilt. 
This quilt top was made by Nancy who has passed on to a better life. Her husband has asked me to quilt her tops. She made a beautiful embroidered quilt with every state bird on it but I didn’t get a picture of it. Here’s one of the sampler block tops she made.

I made this quilt for a children’s home.  The center is a panel with borders and stars around it. Pantograph is Popcorn.

I decided Beau was going to get a hair cut today. His coat is so heavy and he is always panting. I didn’t take it down as far as I do in the middle of the summer, but maybe he’ll be more comfortable.  He’s my sweetie.  Of course there are treats near by.

Thanks for stopping by.



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