Crochet Edging on Baby Blanket

I know every Grandma thinks her grandchildren are the cutest, most wonderful grandchildren in the world and I’m no exception. Here’s the latest addition to our family. She is the 12th grandchild between my children and my stepchildren, but they are all mine!!

Juliet Maryann ( the Mary is for my Mom and that is so special to me-Ann is for Juliet’s sweet Mom) How cool is that!! 

 Maybe 1 week. See the Daddy proof shirt?  
Maybe 1 1/2 months old waving hello.

Isn’t she the cutest??

I have always loved lace and pink. So I bought a cashmere flannel (?) fabric at Elegant Stitches and crocheted an edging on it.

First I rounded the corners and folded the edge over twice and stitched it down. Then I used heavy quilting thread I use for my Longarm and stitched an overlock stitch.

Following instructions with some modification to make the design lay flat, I crocheted an edging using #10 crochet thread. I used the “holes” in the overlock stitching to attach the crochet. I hope the threads don’t break over time. It seemed pretty strong.

This was my first experience with crochet thread and I haven’t crocheted in a long time.  At first the crochet thread felt so thin to me, but now I’d like to try thinner so the lace is finer.

Next I’ll show you the change I made to my bird quilt and talk about what else I may do. I’ll need your opinion so stay tuned.

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