Recent Customer Quilts

I don’t normally do custom quilting on customer quilts, but when I was asked to quilt this lovely table runner, I figured it was small enough that I could get it done quickly. Since the curves are a folded over and stitched down edge of fabric, I was concerned that a pantograph would flip the edge. Joanne made this at the Guild’s retreat in Oct.


Dodie made a couple small and quick quilts for grandchildren. These will be loved until they are worn out. Bubble pantograph on one of them.

Ann very kindly made a quilt out of a friend’s husband’s ties. She added the tags from the inside which give info important to the family. Pantograph is Bubbles.

My bee, the Queen Bee, is continuing to make comfort quilts from a donated stash. The first one is a piece of fabric with borders added. Doesn’t the fabric look as if it was pieced?  Strawberry Patch is the pantograph.

And this sweet quilt is quilted with Hearts A Flutter pantograph.

Three birthdays in the family in October.

My son, Brian, and his wife Rhonda have birthdays just days apart. So they got one cake, not two. That little sweetheart is Juliet, grandchild number 12. Oh, and the little dog is Squirt.

My son Greg, is also an October baby. This cake requires an explanation. To cut a long story short, I’ll just say his girlfriend, Melissa, got 3 cakes on her birthday from me and declared that she was the favorite child. So Greg said he was expecting a seven layer cake for his birthday to show he was the favorite child. Since his birthday was close to Halloween and I had a 9 x 13 cake in the freezer, I cut it into eights and attempted to stack those fat layers and frost it. It was skinny and tall and wonky. I quit at 7 layers. The spiders are plastic.

The longer it sat, the more it leaned until…

He didn’t care. He just told Melissa HE was the favorite child since his was seven layers. Lol

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