Custom Quilting Memories of Provence

Each year my Guild makes a raffle quilt to raise money. I decided it was time for me to step up and chair this effort for 2016. I talked my friends, Joan and Ellene, into joining me and we have spent the year making kits, getting Guild members to make blocks and assembling the blocks. Now it’s time for quilting! I’m on my own now and this is no small undertaking. The quilt is 92″ square and there are some challenges. The next several posts will show how I approach quilting this quilt top and the designs I’m using. Perhaps this will help some of the Longarm and domestic quilters who follow my blog.

Since the Guild has not seen the entire top, just bits and pieces, I’m only showing a bit here and there. When they see the whole quilt in January, then I’ll post a pic of the entire quilt here.

In addition to basting the sides and bottom being sure they are straight and square, I baste the quilt near where I will stitch in the ditch.

For instance, this grey border needs ditch stitching.

I establish a straight line by clamping a wheel on my machine (My machine in an Innova-Gammill use channel locks). Then as I move the machine across the border, I can move the  fabric back or forward to get that edge straight. Most of the time I pin it to keep it in place. Then I set my machine for 2 stitches per inch and baste. You can see in the picture above, I needed to move the border up in a spot to get rid of the dip.  It’s just a tiny adjustment and looks worse in the pic then it really is.

Here it is basted.

I will baste all borders and any problem areas. When stitching in the ditch, I still may have small adjustments to make. I place my ruler on the border and you can see if there is some wiggling of the edge. (Clear ruler has white lines.)

I use my fingers to gently pull the fabric, moving that edge a tiny bit and it straightens it out.


After all the borders are stitched in the ditch, I’m ready for the fun part.

Next post-my version of McTavishing.

Thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “Custom Quilting Memories of Provence

  1. I was given an unfinished Memories of Provence quilt (fabric and pattern). However, the pattern for Block 12 is missing. Is there anyone who could send me the page(s) for this block. Thanks.

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