Custom Quilting Memories of Provence-Part 2

The next step is to outline the applique and fill in the background. I could have started with quilting the center feathered star block, but since the background is a huge part of the quilt and everything is stabilized, I decided to start with the background. It’s also the most fun for me!

I quilt a version of McTavishing and throw in whatever little designs I’m in the mood for just to add some variety and interest. This time I’ll add little feathers , curls, pebbles, and clamshells. Don’t want too add too much or it will be confusing looking.

In this first picture, I outlined this area of the applique and then stitch a gentle curvy line from one applique edge to another. Ending at the bottom, I was able to fill the left side of the space with little feathers.

Then I echoed the curvy line until the right side was filled. Since all the lines in the same direction doesn’t look good, I change the direction of the lines often, trying to make some of them perpendicular to the other sections.

That’s basically all there is to it. The line and what I add in varies, but it looks far more complicated than it is. I don’t concern myself with keeping the space between lines the same. I just go for flowing lines that fill the space. Below is the result.

More pictures of background quilting tomorrow and stitching triangles.

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