Memories of Provence-Part 3

In the last post, I showed how I baste a quilt. I forgot to mention that as I stitch near my basting, I pull out that section.  Be sure you pull the bobbin thread out as well as the top thread.  One time I didn’t and my machine kept catching on the large stitch underneath. What a pain that was!!

Next up is the little triangles. I decided to do “point to point” stitching. I placed my straight edge 1/4″ from the top of the triangle so that I’m stitching a thread outside the point and  on the inside point so my stitching is 1/4″ away. Like this.

Then stitch up to the next point.


Stitch all the triangles in the row and then come back up stitching a second line.

 I stitched the same flower motif I stitched in a border on the pieced “flower.”  Here’s more pictures of McTavishing around appliqué and the flowers.

Next up is a feather border.

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