Memories of Provence-Part 4

Christmas is over and the company have gone home.  I hope your holiday has been a blessed one.  The nativity my husband built and installs in the front yard always reminds me of why I bake all those cookies and cook all that food.  Back to normal life and quilting.

On to the grey border.

I tried out several different arcs. Laying them on the border at the point that the top of the curve touched one side, I measured the distance between the points where the arc crossed the border edge on the opposite side.  I chose the arc that was the closest to a whole number when I divided the border length (measured interior corner to interior corner) by the arc measurement.  Mark the center of the border.  I marked the arc, flipping it upside down and then right side up until I got to the center of the border. Then I marked the other side stopping at center line.  However it works out at center will be fine. Just make your feathers “kiss” and it will be pretty.

First I stitch the spine from center to one side and then feather my way to the center.  It is necessary to backtrack a couple of inches when the curve moves away from the edge and you are stitching on the opposite side. This may sound confusing but as soon as you do it, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Here’s the border.  Actually used the wrong thread.  Had picked out an almost matching grey but loaded a lighter grey. I stitched half the border wondering what was wrong. By then it was too late and it stayed.  Doesn’t bother me so much now.

Thanks for stopping by.  Keep on quilting!


2 thoughts on “Memories of Provence-Part 4

  1. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilts. You are so very talented! I do have a question: is it possible to get instructions for the ‘memory of Provence’ quilt? I love so much what i see so far, and especially how you made the border, so i would very much see and learn more about this quilt. I live in Paris, France and love quilting !

    Kind regards Anita


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