2016 NC Quilt Symposium

I went to the Symposium this year and took some awesome classes. One of those projects is halfway finished and so I’ll blog about that later and the other one will definitely be finished, but perhaps in 2017.

Here’s some pictures of a couple of the quilts I particularly enjoyed along with the identifying info.

This is an amazing applique quilt with hand quilting. So much work. A member of our Guild, Pat, made it. 

I have been focusing on landscape quilts for the past several years so this one and the barn quilt got my attention. 

The next one is my favorite. It just makes me smile. It’s well done and so creative.

I thought the bird quilt was cute.

Someday I need to make one of these for my middle son. He loves optical illusions.

My quilt, Room For All, won 1st place in the Pictorial category. Always a nice surprise.

Best of all, my Guild’s quilt, Memories of Provence, won Best in Show. Check out previous posts on the making of it.

Raffle tickets can be purchased through me. Let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks for stopping by.



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