Christmas Embroidered Pillow

This is another 4th Quarter Finish A Long Project

My post with all my projects is found here.
Finally, the embroidery is finished and I made the pillow. I didn’t have red wool for the top edge that the pattern called for, so I used some Christmas fabric I had. That meant I had to look up how to make a faced scallop edge on the Internet. The idea wasn’t difficult but I did accidentally snip a thread when clipping into the “v”. But with some small machine applique stitches, I was able to secure it. I enjoyed this little Crabapple Hill pattern but probably won’t make another one unless I have red wool!

I thought the covered buttons and Pom proms were a nice touch.

I used the envelope style on this one.

Thanks for stopping by.



8 thoughts on “Christmas Embroidered Pillow

  1. Super sweet, and I love the addition of the pompoms! 😉 On behalf of the FAL hosting team, thanks for stitching along with us!

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