2017 Finish-A-Long

It’s time to list my goals for the first quarter of 2017. I am finding it to be so liberating to get some of my unfinished projects done. Last quarter it was a lot of little things. This quarter I’ll work on my large projects. I can’t wait to get started.

1. Quilt and bind Anna’s quilt. I made this top last quarter but the holidays made it impossible to quilt it.

2. Finish piecing, quilt, and bind Christmas wallhanging. I was disappointed I didn’t get this finished for Christmas, but I’m not putting it off.

3. Quilt and bind blue and white quilt top. I made this a good 10 years ago. It’s way past time to finish it!

4. Cultivate An Attitude of Gratitude. I started quilting it and didn’t finish. Not happy with it but need to finish anyway.

5. Finish applique and piecing, quilt and bind Labyrinth quilt.

6. RV Bed Quilt finish piecing, quilt and bind. And we no longer have the rv. Don’t know what I will do with it.

7. Happy Villages quilt. I need to finish the details, quilt and bind. 

That’s more than enough to keep me busy and I’m also starting 2 BOM’s.

Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “2017 Finish-A-Long

  1. I love that these projects are all such different styles. I hope that this provides you wish inspiration and encouragement to finish them. I know that changing from one thing to another helps to keep me interested and enthused. All the best.

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