Making Bias Binding

I have always had trouble making bias binding.  I don’t do it very often opting for straight cut binding for all my straight edge quilts.  But when I needed to make binding for Nancy’s Wedding Ring quilt with scalloped edges ( Nancy Remembered), I thought “Here I go again.”.  The last time I made bias binding, I had to go back to the store and buy more fabric because I messed up.

So I searched the internet, found a site that had a lot of pictures (my favorite way to learn) and gave it a go.  It worked!

Here is a picture of my fabric cut and sewn together correctly.  Hurrah. Even the instructions for the line drawing were understandable.


Weird looking isn’t it?


At first I thought maybe this method takes more time than cutting individual 45 degree strips and sewing them together, but all of a sudden I was done.  I actually think it was faster with less waste.

IMG_2230You can see I have wrapped the binding around a toilet paper roll and will put a cord through it and hang it around my neck when I sew it on.  Donna gave this tip at Guild so I’ll check it out.

Are you wondering where I found such good instructions? Go to Sew 4 Home by clicking here.

Hope this has helped you with your bias binding.

Thanks for stopping by.




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