The Quilt Show BOM

I subscribe to The Quilt Show where you can watch episodes, much like a quilting TV program, on your computer. For a long time, I thought it was too expensive for what you get.  Now, having watch the programs for a year, I feel it is well worth it if you are looking to be inspired or to learn a new technique.  I have learned so much.

One of the benefits other than the video, is the Block of the Month that is offered free to subscribers each year.  This year the quilt is designed by Sue Garman, a very talented quilter and designer.  Unfortunately Sue recently passed away.  I’m sure she has left a big hole in the quilting world and in many people’s lives.

I decided to do the BOM.  However, as I often do, I changed it from multi-colored to blue and white.  I have wanted a blue and white quilt for my bed and decided now was the time.  I know I need to have lots of different fabrics and values of blue.  I hope this will be successful but only time will tell.

I added to my work by deciding to make a second one in dusty blue and off white for my stepdaughter, Ashley. The feathered star was January’s work.  The inner star and the halo (small triangles that circle the inner star) really shine in Ashley’s block.





Mine, not so much.  But my fussy cut inner star is so me and the flowered center too.



Here’s the 2 blocks together.  (Ignore the applique on top.  That’s a post for another time.)


It will be interesting to see if they continue to be different or if they become similar.

If you are a regular blog reader, you know I take a lot of pictures of Beau, my miniature poodle.  He and my husband were sitting in the quilting room while I was working and apparently, Beau was so bored he drifted off to sleep!


You should see Beau now.  He had a major hair cut.

Thanks for stopping by.




4 thoughts on “The Quilt Show BOM

  1. Love the blues in your feathered star blocks. I am making the Halo Medallion from the kit. I am not very confident in selecting fabrics. If I use my stash I am afraid I will run out. Keep going on both versions. Yours are beautiful.

  2. I’m doing the halo BOM also. I’m really enjoying all the different colorways that are being posted in the show and tell forum. I’m caught up – at the moment, but suspect to get behind as the outside weather improves.

  3. I love your fussy cut star – it’s so very feminine and gorgeous. And look at the My Tweets blocks – I have yet to start that project, but it’s on my Bucket List for sure.

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