A New Adventure

While quilting will always be my first love, a new adventure is stimulating and exciting.  So we bought a Class C motor home and are taking our “shake down cruise.” Have found a couple of things that need fixing and have learned a lot. But mostly this is us.

Happy and relaxed. Except for Beau!!!! He’s not a good rider and the first day I was ready to adopt him out. Luckily the 2nd day he was better but still needs to improve.

I made the mistake of trying to drive too much in a day. From here on out I’ll try to make the days shorter.

First stop was at Jasper Lake Campground in Hardeeville SC. 

Clean and spacious and fortunately we simply stopped and were level. You can just barely see the lake behind us.

Next day, we drove to Dade City in Florida which is east of Tampa in the middle of the state.  Pictures of that wonderful place next post.

Thanks for dropping by and don’t despair, quilting will find its way into this new adventure. I promise!



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