Mods Doll Panels

I love these doll panels. They have themes (like A Walk In The Woods) and such cute details. I decided to make Mr. and Mrs. Bunnikins for my granddaughter Juliet. Mrs. has a skirt with 3 pockets that hold 3 baby bunnies. Mr. has a bow tie and shorts with suspenders.

I’ve never been good at stuffing things. They’re always lumpy. So I looked up how to stuff and this time I was successful.

Since baking in the Rv is way too much work, I started baking when I got home. Watched The Great British Baking Show and decided to try a Charlotte Russe cake. Inside there’s 2 skinny layers of sponge, layer of raspberry jam, layer of raspberry mousse. Topped with whipped cream and raspberries. Took hours to do everything.

I used the version I found on Natasha’s Kitchen website except I made my lady fingers. It looked pretty but I was wishing it had stronger raspberry flavor.

Then I tried King Arthur Flour’s recipe for Pane Bianco. That turned out pretty good but next time I’ll roast my own tomatoes rather than buy sun dried tomatoes. I added black olives in addition to the basil, cheese and garlic.

I’m going to experiment with hand pies next.

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