World Quilt Florida

My husband and I (and Beau) went to a quilt show in Orlando yesterday. I moved rather quickly through the exhibit but found some quilts that caught my eye, either for design, quilting, or how they achieved the effect.

Thought I would share those I liked. I’m afraid I didn’t get quilters’ name and intended to get them off the program but my husband threw it away.

This won Best In World and was well done in all techniques. Notice how nice and flat it hangs.

The center was beautifully appliqués with lovely quilting. The half circles in the green make the sheep seem to be on rolling hills. Of course, feathers are always good.

Feathers around appliqué and straight lines in triangles.

Continuous curve and feathers on stars. I have quilted so many stars over the years that I have run out of ideas. This is simple but I have never done this particular design. I’ll have to remember this.

I’ll post more photos from the quilt show in the coming days.

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