Elephant Baby Quilts

This winter I was working on 2 baby quilts-one for a grandson (March birthday) and one for a great grandson (May birthday).

I did the great grandson first. Used the pattern Mommy and Me. All the fabrics were leftovers from Backyard Baby that came out several years ago. Wish it was still available. I love it. I custom quilted this one.

I quilted feathers around the elephants. I tried to quilt grass and bushes at the base as if the elephants were walking through the jungle. Some spots it worked, other places it just looks muddled. The aqua balloon strings were embroidered and show up well.

I marked a diagonal line in each square and line danced those plus the top and bottom of the square. Line dancing is one of my favorite, easy quilt designs for squares and triangles. Jamie Wallen has a book on grid work that gives so many variations of it.

The gray strip has ribbon candy quilting and the two outer borders have piano keys.

I found a panel I loved for the backing and just added leftover fabric to fill it out.

Next post will be the second Mommy and Me quilt.

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