I am a wife to a wonderful man, mother of 3 sons, stepmom to 4, grandmother to 11.  I “found” quilting around 1997 and subsequently nourished my addiction to fabric, sewing, and now longarm quilting.    My husband says he knows I’m not well if he hasn’t heard the word “quilt” by 10 am. 

I use a Gammill Classic Plus to quilt customer quilts.  Having other quilters quilts to quilt has made me stretch my abilities and study design.  I am so grateful for those challanges.  Without it, I would probably be in the same old rut and not increasing my abilities.  My tag line on my business cards is “Spreading God’s Love Through Quilted Comfort.”  That is where my heart is.  God has given me the ability to do this.  Now I must use it to comfort others.  So I do as many Quilts of Valor (www.qovf.org) and Quilts of Love (a Sandhills Quilters Guild project for members having difficulty) as possible.

I’m also the Mom to a Minature Schnauzer who rules this household and delights both my husband and I.  He is my quilt baby who must snuggle against any quilt available.  He also likes to compute.



20 thoughts on “About

  1. Linda, love your blog. Christmas traditions are just great and I’ve passed on many Christmas ornaments to my kids and only brother. He in turn has started a new one with his daughters and me. I have gotten rid of my DEPT. 56 houses and now have a handcrafted village which includes Santa’s house, reindeer stable, etc. He handcrafted these pieces from wood,etc. left over from woodworking projects. I treasure them and they are exhibited all year round.

  2. Linda, thanks so much for displaying my contemporary quilt on your blog. It was a fun quilt for a young man but like you I had to step out of the box and do something different. Thanks for all that you do with your amazing quilting talent.


  3. Hi Linda, I was thinking about your door prize and how I need to create it. Would you please email me so we can talk fabric, colors, etc. for the chosen doorprize?

    Hugs, Carla

  4. Linda….I’m a member of the Tarheel Quilters’ Guild in Fayetteville, and saw your amazing work at our Spring Quiltfest…..Most machine quilter’s are not as good as you when quilting a hand appliqued top……and that is why I wondered if you quilt professionally?
    I am an avid hand appliquerer, and hand quilter. I’m just finishing a quilt top for my daughter and granddaughters, and am also in the process of hand quilting a ‘Baltimore Album’ which will surely take me another 6 months. I have a family quilt that I’m designing as well, and plan to work on it in earnest when I finished my BA quilt. I have only had one of my quilts machine quilted before, and although it was okay, I was slightly disappointed. Your work is superb on hand applique, hence the question about quilting professionally. Could you let me know what you think? I appreciate any help……thanks so much, Sandy Russell

  5. I am looking for the pattern for the dramatic flower quilt on black background . Can you help me out with this

  6. I have been admiring the pantograph pattern Camellias, and was wondering what size you use. I am a fellow longarm quilter and would love to add this pattern to my collection, but can’t decide whether to get Camellias Sm (1 row = 6 inches) or Camellias LG (1 row = 10 inches). Any assistance you could provide would be most appreciated. Thank you!

  7. how in the world does someone contact you? I have turned this site upside down and can’t find a “contact” phone number or email address. I must be blind. Peggy

    • I’ve done two. Both are Toni Whitney patterns although I just looked at her website and didn’t see the brown horse head. If you’d be interested in buying a used pattern, I’ll check to see if I still have it.

  8. I just a picture of the palomino horse that is coming out of the frame – is there a pattern for that piece? It’s just awesome. Thank you

  9. Linda, your 9 Rooster Quilt is absolutely breathtaking. Are those guys available in a pattern or patterns? Would absolutely love to purchase them from you. After all the talk about the horse coming out of the frame, I would love to see that one also!

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