Lacking Quilt Focus

Now that I feel I have more time, I feel like a quilter on speed. My mind jumps from one idea to another at a frenzied speed.

Should I just focus on finishing one of many projects? But some need to “marinate” while I figure out how to solve a problem (such as bird quilt). Some need my skills to improve (curve seams for Batik Wheels and double wedding ring). Some are good projects for transporting to my friend’s house for JEL Bee (mitered log cabin).

New fabrics grab my attention. I was given a layer cake last Christmas which I love and now know where to get it locally. I know it won’t be there long. I think I know what to make with it. Should I?????

Then there’s the old table topper on my coffee table that needs replacing. And I wish I had placemats and more seasonal table runners.

And then there’s the Queen Bee sale for which I need to get busy making things.

There’s 4 of my quilt tops hanging up with customer’s quilts waiting to be quilted.

Then today I see a post on She Can Quilt and I’m thinking that’s the kind of quilts I should make. Simple piecing, relatively quick but with lots of gorgeous quilting.

Morning Star by Heidi Teachout – Bed Quilts

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?


Kona Jelly Roll Win

I don’t enter very many blog contests but I did enter one recently on Amy’s Creative Side ( She asked what my favorite color was in Kona Cotton. My choice was mint. I’ve always love that soft green. Much to my surprise, I won this jelly roll provided by Jackie of Canton Village Quilt ( Isn’t it wonderful?!!! Now to decide what to make.



Sorry for the clumsy links. The link button isn’t working this morning.

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Patriotic Blocks and a Motorcross Birthday

We celebrated grandson Ethan’s 8th birthday this past weekend. He let me know a month ago he wanted a motorcross cake. This is the 2nd year for one and I hope the last. Ready to do something different. This year I made the track in a figure “8” and made the side black and white check. Nothing spectacular, just a good kids cake.


On the quilting front-

The VA state coordinator for Quilts of Valor requested block donations. He had a request for quilts but had none. So my husband and I made these 4 blocks to help out. When we work together, I cut, pin, and press while he sews. We can keep moving along at a pretty good pace that way.


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September Get It Done

September??? I have no idea where the summer went and in terms of sewing, I didn’t get much done. But then when I look at what my husband and I did get accomplished in other areas of our life, I’m okay with that. 2000 square feet of sod laid, longarm assembled, longarm room recarpeted, longarm room painted, sewing room tables painted and constructed, reorganization of two very full sewing closets. Bought new truck (way more time consuming for me than I anticipated). Whew. That list makes me tired.

As for the challenge at Patchwork Times, I did okay there too.

August Goals
1. Assemble Quilt of Love Hugs and Kisses Quilt – Finished. See pic below.
2. Get more of snow embroidery done – Made good progress because of all the time in the car.
3. Finish stitching on Wm Morris appliqués – Didn’t happen.
4. Finish sewing blocks for Scraps and White project – Yes and no. I finished sewing blocks for the originally planned size but when I put it on the design wall, decided I liked it more than I expected. So I’m going to make it king size for my bed.
5. Make more birds – Didn’t happen.

September Goals
1. Quilt Quilt of Love Hugs and Kisses Quilt.
2. Get more of snow embroidery done.
3. Finish stitching Wm Morris Appliqués.
4. Finish sewing blocks for Scraps and White project.
5. Make more birds.

That’s funny. Even though I made progress in August, my list has the same projects.

Here’s the Guild’s Hugs and Kisses blocks all assembled and a border added from pieces of the fabrics the ladies used. I’m in a quandary re the quilting. On the one hand, I’d like to try something modern and dense, but then I really shouldn’t spend a great amount of time on it. Maybe I can find a compromise between dense custom and pantograph.

See the Christa’s Quilt Along button on the right. Click that for instructions for this quilt along with a lot of other fun stuff.


See the little heart in the bottom right corner? Since this isn’t the typical heart quilt for the Guild, I added that so it would have a heart on it!

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Longarm Cord Solution

I’ve got this thing about electric cords. Don’t like them. Especially don’t like them strung across a wall, snaking across the floor, or draped over an end table. Sometimes it can’t be helped but before I give up I’ll try every idea I can find.

My husband installed a cord traveling system on my Gammill using conduit, but that wasn’t going to work with my new Innova since it has a center leg. Couldn’t find ideas on the Internet so the cord was on the floor. That was not a good thing. I stepped on the power strip button and momentarily shut the machine off-twice. I wrapped the cord around my ankle-twice. My husband stepped on it twice and then couldn’t move the machine! After that happened, he said he’d come up with something.

The solution was to insert a bolt in the ends, just inside the back edge. A wire is wrapped around one bolt, attached to a turnbuckle at the other end which is attached to the other bolt. Super simple.
I happen to have some rings that hold cafe curtains so we are trying those but you could use simple shower curtain rings the put the cord through.

Here’s pictures.





If you have any questions, let me know.
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Sewing Studios

I forgot to mention that you can go to to see many other creative sewing spaces. Check out her tutorials while you’re there. I’ve got to make some of those fabric flowers for a purse.

And just because I don’t like blog posts without a picture, here’s a picture of my friend Ellene whose quilt Billy’s Bluebirds won 3rd place at Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, 1st place Wall Quilts and Best Longarm Quilting at Quilting in the Pines, and 1st place Small Quilt Appliqued at NQA in Columbus, Ohio. I sure have a talented friend.
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Sewing Rooms

I am a fortunate quilter. My sweet husband is okay with me using 2 of the 3 bedrooms in our small house for quilting. He jokingly said one day, “Would you like to use the master bedroom?” I said, “Could I.” Lol

The cutting and ironing area are new. Made from cabinet bases from Lowes, baskets and lights from Ikea, and Expedit bookcase from Ikea.

One of the bedrooms is my sewing room.


Cutting area


Ironing area


Hand sewing area


The other room is for my Innova longarm and design wall.


Lots of thread, stencils, and pantographs


I used a picture ledge from Ikea for my rulers


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