June Get It Done Challenge

I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to post goals for this month!!! I have an offer on my Gammill so the sale is pending. So I have a couple of weeks to get everything done that is critical for my customers. After that, I’ll be without a longarm machine for awhile. That includes 3 pantographs and at least 4 custom. Whew. That’s a lot to get done when I’m also teaching 4 yr olds in Vacation Bible School all next week. When it rains it pours!!!

Here’s my May List for Judy’s Get It Done Challenge. My progress is slow, but at least I’m moving forward.

May Goals
1. 1/2 of remaining snow embroidery got 1/4 done
2. Wrenly Quilt-quilt it didn’t touch it
3. Quilt Queen Bee QOV finished and delivered
4. Finish assembling Quilt of Love rows are made but not put together
5. MAKE A DECISION on Wm Morris #1 setting and get appliqués done. thought about it
6. Birds on Birdbath top made. made 2 of 8?

Here’s the QOV




See previous post for the two birds started. They will have thread work done on them and the bluebird has to have water splashing around him. Not sure how I’ll make that happen, but trying should be fun.

June goals will be carry overs of May.

June Goals
1. 1/4 of remaining snow embroidery
2. Wrenly Quilt-quilt it (realistically fat chance)
4. Finish assembling Quilt of Love
5. MAKE A DECISION on Wm Morris #1 setting and get appliqués done.
6. Birds on Birdbath top made.

I’ll try not to neglect my blog this month.

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A couple years ago, my husband was interested in the Quilts of Valor quilts I made to honor and thank wounded soldiers. But he wanted me to make more and make them faster. Since I couldn’t, he asked me to teach him how to quilt. He has made 4 QOV’s and just awarded the last one. My husband has heart.

This young man is Cody Stanton. He was recently wounded in Afghanistan and is the recipient of Craig’s QOV. Cody says he’s relying on his faith to see him through. Cody is showing courage, spirit, and strength. He certainly has heart.


We pray that as the many surgeries proceed, God would grant Cody the peace and love to know that he is not alone. You can follow Cody’s progress at the blog http://www.codystantonjourney.blogspot.com. His Mom has 3 other children and has had to leave her job to help Cody at Walter Reed. The blog also has a link to contribute to help with the expenses.

If you are a quilter, please consider making a QOV. Go to qovf.org for info on size, etc.

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Quilt of Valor/Patriotic Display At Pinehurst Surgical Clinic

For Flag Day and Fourth of July, Karen and I thought a display of Quilts of Valor and patriotic quilts would be a wonderful tribute to the soldiers who serve our country.  Pinehurst Surgical Clinic in Pinehurst, NC has graciously allowed a permanent display area for quilts.  Paquita is the quilter that has the relationship with Pinehurst Surgical and talked them into the display area.

For the months of June and July, these are the quilts on display.

It is really difficult to take pictures down a long hall.

For info on Quilts of Valor, visit http://www.qovf.org.

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Salute To A Hero

My husband made another Quilt of Valor (www.qovf.org) to honor and thank a wounded soldier for his sacrifice in serving his country.   I’m so proud of my husband.  He wanted to express his gratitude and since he lives in a home where his wife lives, eats, and breathes quilting, he decided to learn how to sew and to quilt.  He has stuck with it through several quilts, ripping out seams multiple times, never accepting less than his best.    The result is a well made red, white, and blue quilt that has no fullness and hangs beautifully.  He added extra borders so it measures 62 x 86.  The log cabin pattern is available on the QOV site.

Center eagle was outline quilted.

Craig quilted a pantograph called Patriot on the rest of the quilt.

Why don’t you start a Quilt of Valor today?

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With Eagles Wings

I don’t know the wife/mom who will receive this quilt, but I’m sending her a piece of my heart.  Her husband, MSgt Jared Van Aalst, was killed in Afganistan in August 2010.  As I have worked on making this for her, I have prayed for her, her children, and his parents.  At times, the prayers are silent because I can’t begin to understand her grief.  So the emotional connection to this quilt is strong.  Now I pray that these pieces of cloth and thread will bring a tiny measure of comfort to her.

The eagle is important as a military/national symbol.  The eagle is also mentioned in the Bible verse, Isaiah 40:31 “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”. (NIV)  I pray she will “soar on wings like eagles.”  May she be aware of God’s support as she places her hope in God.

I was asked to make this quilt by my son and his wife.  They have friends in the military and those friends were friends with this couple.  They were aware of a Quilt of Valor my husband and I made for a wounded soldier that lives down the street.  So they asked if I would make a quilt for this soldier’s wife.  Both my husband and I worked on this one too.

Stars machine pieced from “Simple Stars Beautiful Quilts” by Debbie Maddy, eagle raw edge applique (drawing “Soaring Eagles” by caryl Bryer Fallert), Sew Fine thread, Hobbs 80/20 batting.


Backing fabric

Thanks for stopping by.  Say a prayer for our soldiers today.


Sandhills Quilters Guild Quilt Show

It was a busy weekend.  My Guild had their Quilt Show with around 170 quilts and then another 10 misc items.  

I am very proud to announce that my husband, Craig, won a blue ribbon in his category, First Judged Quilt, for his Quilt of Valor, “Stars For A Hero.”

Let me tell you, this man worked his butt off on this quilt.  There are 40 stars which means 320 points and he didn’t cut off a single one.  He ripped out several seams multiple times because he was determined to “do it right.”  Then he quilted it on my Gammill using templates.  His attitude is that our soldiers deserve nothing but the best.  And he is right.

He is the first male to enter a quilt into our quilt show.  The ladies want him to join the Guild but I don’t think he’ll do that.  He’ll just keep on making quilts to thank those who pay the price for our freedom.

I like the saying “He’s the “man” in manly and the “gentle” in gentleman.  That describes my husband.

The rest of the pictures are of customers quilts.  The nice thing about my Guild (especially the ribbon maker, Bonnie) is that they give a ribbon for the quilters for all 2-party quilts.  Nice to be recognized.  I think I got 6 of Bonnie’s cute ribbons for customer’s quilts. 

Pat K

Pat A

Pat A again

Marilyn.  For Best Machine Quilting, it was down to this quilt and a wholecloth that a friend quilted.  My friend won which is great and well deserving.


Marian again.  (I thought this one should have gotten a ribbon.)

And again.

This quilt of Marian’s won Best use of Color.  Doesn’t it just shine?

Lorraine’s Queen Bee group quilt.

Joyce’s quilt for a granddaughter.  Soft and snuggly with Minkee on the back.

Joanne’s with my original design quilting.

Jo’s which my flip flop loving granddaughter, Amber, fell in love with.

Dodie (first time quilter)



No wonder I feel like I need a vacation!  And this is by no means the only quilts I’ve quilted.

In a couple of days, I’ll post some of my favorites that I didn’t quilt.  See you then.  Thanks for stopping by.