Overall Bill Quilt

Joyce used a timeless pattern, Overall Bill, to pass on to a new baby a part of the clothes of a passed on grandfather.  She did a great job of combining modern and traditional in this quilt.

Popcorn pantograph with light grey thread.


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Bright Child’s Quilt

Sharon’s bright child’s quilt is a delight. The bricks are colorful and playful and I love how the border echoes the bricks without just being a wide strip of fabric all around. There’s nothing wrong with that and this style border means more piecing, but it really works with this pattern. Sharon used a Minky type fabric for the back.

Bubbles pantograph with orange thread.


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Appliqué and Piecing Beauty

I’ve always loved the combination of piecing and appliqué and this one is no exception. Jeanne made this quilt from a pattern in a book and her quilt is so much better than the published one. Her fabric selection is lovely.  Jeanne requested orange peel quilting with the appliqué outlined, a few feathers around the appliqué and a feathered border.


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Quilting Idea from a Friendship Quilt

Although I’m a longarm quilter, I’ve had quilt tops hanging in my quilt closet for quite awhile waiting to be quilted.  I finally started on a friendship signature quilt top that was probably constructed about 10 years ago. I didn’t have anything to put in my Guild’s quilt show so that motivated me.  It has touched my heart to see those blocks and the signatures of my friends in the Queen Bee. Some of them have passed away and some have moved away, but I remember them whenever I look at this quilt.

Here it is hanging in the show.


I used my favorite, easy quilting design to quilt the blocks-line dancing. You simply make a bracket like this }.  If the space is to big, divide it in half.  If it’s a square, in addition to quilting around the square, quilt through the middle from corner to corner and back.  You can quilt entire blocks without stopping.  Don’t worry about being exact.  It will look good when you’re finished.

I used a stencil, Golden Chains (HW 85) to mark the plain block for quilting.  I’ve tried all the ideas for using chalk with stencils without success, so I use Frixon pen.


For the corner and setting triangles, I use a section of the stencil.


Give line dancing a try.  It’s easy, quick, and very forgiving. In other words, the perfect quilting idea.

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Seven Lakes Bee Comfort Quilt

The Seven Lakes Bee made another quilt to be gifted to a children’s organization or nursing home.  Our Guild calls these Comfort Quilts.  Quilts do bring comfort to the body and spirit  (wall hangings bring something all together different) and that is part of the reason I quilt.      Another reason I quilt is the community of women who give of their fabric and their heart. The Seven Lakes Bee is one of those groups.

I used the Ocean Froth pantograph on this one.


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Same Pattern-Two Colorways

Carolyn has made several of this pattern and every time she brings one to me to be quilted, I just love it.  This time she used leftovers from several of the other quilts and made this adorable, snuggly quilt.  Dutch pantograph.


Here’s another one.  This time I used the Popcorn pantograph.


She has a way of putting fabrics together.

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