Quilt of Valor

I recently quilted a Quilt of Valor that was a simple pattern but interesting with the fabrics chosen for the snowball blocks.


Snowball blocks with cornerstones in the sashing.  Patriot pantograph with blue thread.

I pray it will warm a veteran’s heart.

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Love It, Teach It

If you have a granddaughter or daughter who shows an interest in learning to sew, then grab that opportunity.  You just might establish a stronger bond between you with the shared love of a creative hobby.  Or at worse, you will have introduced a skill they may return to at a later date, in one form or another.

Pauli has the good fortune to have a granddaughter who is interested in learning to make quilts.  I don’t know if this is her first, but she is well on her way to enjoying a lifetime of quilting.  Her granddaughter picked out fabrics and sewed the quilt with grandmother helping, of course, when needed.

Light grey thread with Ocean Froth pantograph. It’s a large quilt at 83 x 100. Pictures taken when it was laid over my longarm.


Ocean Froth Pantograph


With light grey thread on a “reads as solid” light grey back, it looks like a whole cloth.


My Mom was a china painter and did beautiful work.  She even held classes.  I was a grown woman when I decided to learn so I joined one of her classes.  It was enlightening but Mom wanted my pieces to look as good as hers so she would take it out of my hands and fix it.  She said I would regret it later if she didn’t.  Actually that made it no longer mine and I didn’t pursue the hobby.  I appreciated Mom’s ability and much later in life discovered that I might have one ounce of her creativity in me afterall.

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Making Bias Binding

I have always had trouble making bias binding.  I don’t do it very often opting for straight cut binding for all my straight edge quilts.  But when I needed to make binding for Nancy’s Wedding Ring quilt with scalloped edges ( Nancy Remembered), I thought “Here I go again.”.  The last time I made bias binding, I had to go back to the store and buy more fabric because I messed up.

So I searched the internet, found a site that had a lot of pictures (my favorite way to learn) and gave it a go.  It worked!

Here is a picture of my fabric cut and sewn together correctly.  Hurrah. Even the instructions for the line drawing were understandable.


Weird looking isn’t it?


At first I thought maybe this method takes more time than cutting individual 45 degree strips and sewing them together, but all of a sudden I was done.  I actually think it was faster with less waste.

IMG_2230You can see I have wrapped the binding around a toilet paper roll and will put a cord through it and hang it around my neck when I sew it on.  Donna gave this tip at Guild so I’ll check it out.

Are you wondering where I found such good instructions? Go to Sew 4 Home by clicking here.

Hope this has helped you with your bias binding.

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Nancy Remembered

For quite some time, I’ve been finishing quilts (backing, quilting and binding) that a friend made before she passed away. Her husband wanted them finished so family members would be able to enjoy them and remember Nancy. Here’s the last 2.

Wedding Ring Quilt-Shell Shock Pantograph with white thread.


Apparently I didn’t take a picture after it was bound.  I had to review how to make bias binding (that’s a post for later), learn to find the 1/4″ on the new walking foot on my new machine, and then hand sew it.  It seemed to take forever and is definitely not the best binding job I’ve ever done.  But it is done.

The last quilt is an applique quilt which I chose light-medium custom quilting. This quilt has wood felt appliques with pieced blocks.

That’s Nancy’s husband, John, on the left.  I think he is happy we are finally done!


Some easy triangle quilting and piano key outer border.


One of the appliques.


Center block.


Quilting using a stencil on some of the stars.


Nancy had a look of peace on her face every time I saw her.  I think she lived Phillipines 4:7.”And the peace of God, which transends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

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Orange Creamsicle Quilt

That’s my name for Marian’s quilt.  The whole time I’m quilting it, all I could think about were the creamsicles I used to buy as a kid.  They were soooo good. Marian chose swirls and orange thread.  Perfect for this quilt.

I laid the quilt over my longarm so you don’t see all of it.


Garden Swirl Pantograph






Luckily I didn’t have any creamsicles or I might have eaten 5 of them.

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