Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt

Anne and MaryAnn completed the daunting task of hand sewing these small hexagons into this beautiful quilt. I tried a hexagon quilt-once. Think I made 3 hexagons and quit. Definitely not my thing. I’m glad these ladies persisted because it is lovely.

Garden Swirl pantograph.

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30’s Calendar Quilt

A friend, Liz, made this adorable quilt with small (4 1/2″) 30’s fabric log cabin blocks and hand embroidery. Plumage pantograph.

This is only a portion of the quilt.

I started taking pictures of the embroidery and kept saying just one more. Hard to stop. They’re all so adorable.

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Pictorial Quilts World Quilt Show

Most of the pictures I took were pictorial quilts. I love them yet I’ve only made a couple of them. It stretches my box and takes me a long time. So I study how the effect was accomplished.

Since birds are a favorite subject of mine, here’s some of my favorites.

I love the background of the owl. Wonder if that was improvised piecing. The branch had a lot of texture perhaps accomplished with that product that shrinks when you heat it.

The next bird was painted on silk (not in my bag of tricks). Look at the effect of the stitching.

The flamingo is incredible but also the background quilting.

More pictorial quilts next time.

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More Modern

Here’s a few more modern quilts from the World Quilt Show.

The theme of these was gears. I may need some of these ideas for a family member in the future.

Quilting is everything here.

I love the texture and movement created by this quilting. Would love to see a pic of the before and after. I bet is it quite a transformation.

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Modern Quilts at World Quilt Show

Here’s the first post with a couple of modern quilts I liked in the show.

The overlapping shapes and the curved corners appeal to me. I also like how the negative space is quilted. It doesn’t take over the pieced area with a bunch of distracting quilting.

I liked this quilt because it seemed to glow. I suppose the use of ombré fabric gives that effect. I’m not a fan of the quilted shapes upper left and lower right.

I have more modern quilts to share but the WiFi where I am is slow. So just a few pictures at a time.

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World Quilt Florida

My husband and I (and Beau) went to a quilt show in Orlando yesterday. I moved rather quickly through the exhibit but found some quilts that caught my eye, either for design, quilting, or how they achieved the effect.

Thought I would share those I liked. I’m afraid I didn’t get quilters’ name and intended to get them off the program but my husband threw it away.

This won Best In World and was well done in all techniques. Notice how nice and flat it hangs.

The center was beautifully appliqués with lovely quilting. The half circles in the green make the sheep seem to be on rolling hills. Of course, feathers are always good.

Feathers around appliqué and straight lines in triangles.

Continuous curve and feathers on stars. I have quilted so many stars over the years that I have run out of ideas. This is simple but I have never done this particular design. I’ll have to remember this.

I’ll post more photos from the quilt show in the coming days.

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Southwestern Quilt

I made this quilt for my brother who lives in the southwestern United States. He loves living in that part of the country, the warmth, mountains, forests and wildlife. I wanted to personalize the quilt so I quilted bears, rams and mountains from pictures he had sent to me.

Here’s the bear and ram that were quilted in each triangle.

I used these curls to represent wind.

There’s also point to point and quilted leaves in this block.

Line dancing was appropriate for a lot of triangles since he likes to dance.

The outside border just has more straight lines and leaves.

The small green border has a quote from Thoreau. It reads “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

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