Quilt Top Readiness

Getting your quilt top ready for your longarmer is so important to get the best result. Some things to keep in mind.

1. If you are going to put this quilt on a specific bed, be sure to include extra drop to allow for the quilting to reduce the size of the quilt. How much? That depends on how dense you asked your longarmer to quilt your top. Also, there will be some shrinkage when the quilt is washed. So make it bigger than needed!!!

2. Cut long threads on the back. Dark threads will show under light fabric when quilted.

3. Make sure all seams at the edge are secure.

4. Press top and backing. Press intersections flat.

5. Backing should be 8 inches longer and wider than quilt top (4 inches all around). If you piece the backing, make sure each piece is straight. Remove salvages. Backing should not have any jagged edges.

6. Some battings don’t work well on a longarm so if you have your own batting, please check with me. I carry Hobbs 80/20 and Quilters Dream Wool.


3 thoughts on “Quilt Top Readiness

  1. Linda, hi my daughter and I were just looking at all your beautiful quilts. Your work is lovely and your words are wonderful. You exude happiness through all you do! Joanne

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