Another Quilt and Cake

I absolutely love this Flip Flop quilt.  Jo does a beautiful stitching job and her fabric choices are so much fun.  I have some cute ideas for custom quilting such as quilting a foot in the flip flop, but the Ebb and Flow pantograph also looks great on it.

The cake is a Harley Davidson birthday cake for my son Greg.  The logo is hand cut out of fondant.  Flames are marbled fondant (orange, yellow and black) cut to look like flames.  Vanilla cake with chocolate fondant, tastes great but will never use this recipe again.  It seized up and cracked when you tried to work with it.  The good thing was that it looked like leather, so that fit with the Harley Davidson theme perfectly.

Click on pics for a larger image.

Thanks for looking.  Take care of yourselves and be grateful.