A Clean Gammill Is A Working Gammill

I spent at least an entire day fighting with my Gammill while stitching the larger stars of my quilt. I had breaking thread, skipped stitches, lousy tension and generally bad quilting. Since these stars are made of many, very small pieces, I thought it was possible the seams were causing the problem. But I tried changing the needle to a new one, then changing the needle to a smaller one. Didn’t work. I tried loosening the quilt, retreading, changing the angle on the thread guides. No help.

Finally, I lowered the height of the hopping foot which actually did help but didn’t completely solve the problems. I also read that the bobbin thread shouldn’t be wound hard as a rock, especially thinner thread. So I re-wound a bobbin with the bobbin thread tension one full turn looser. Stitches were better once again but not good enough. Thinking I might have to re-time the machine (which I hate to do), I unscrewed the screws to the throat plate and found thread wound around the works several times, along with a bunch of well compacted fuzz. Now I religiously clean my machine, so I was surprised how much mess I found. After cleaning my stitches are looking good and thankfully, I made progress today.

Here’s a couple of pictures. Right now I’m working with cream thread and will go back to the blue area to stitch the leafy feathers later.




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