My First Quilting Design

I’m so excited that for the first time I didn’t copy someone else’s quilting design.  I needed something to fill the large blank block in this Irish Chain quilt.  On other quilts, I have stitched a flower in the center with curls and leaves that go to the outside edge in some small blocks.  However, that design looked gangly in this large space.  So I started sketching and came up with this idea.  Then I needed to devise a way to keep the flowers, leaves, curls, and hooked feathers in position consistently.  Also wanted to have one stop and start. 

Surprisingly, I remembered a stencil I bought 4 years ago when I was just learning how to run my longarm that was no more than registration lines, 8 I think, that intersect in the middle.  I used chalk to mark the registration lines and then decided exactly what I would put in each space.  Then the center was too poofy, so I put a circle of hooked feathers.  It worked out pretty well.  Joanne approved the design and here is the first block stitched out.

Note:  the top of the block doesn’t have the curl because the block is cut off by the border.

Lookin good!

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Wednesday is MY DAY – Not

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to take the time to make and quilt my own quilts.  I don’t think I did a single quilt for myself last year.  So I thought the way to accomplish this goal was to set one day a week when I would work on MY Stuff.  Well, this Wednesday, I decided to finish up a customer’s quilt because it is so much later getting back to her than what I had originally planned.  Seemed like the right thing to do.

So here’s Barbara’s lovely applique quilt.  This isn’t for show and Barbara didn’t want to put alot into it.  So I used hooked feathers.  My thanks to Sally Terry for this quick and easy method of quilting feathers.  The rest is filled in with a medium stipple.  Quick, easy, and very pretty.  Don’t you think so?

Barbara's Applique Flowers

A Closeup

For myself, I did manage to sew on another row on a UFO I’m trying to finish.  I’ll pin another row tonight and hopefully get it sewn tomorrow.  I’ll post a pic of it tomorrow, half finished with the borders yet to come.

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Spring Is Here (On My Gammill Anyway)

I’ve been quilting a lovely quilt by Barbara.  Just look at the bees, dragonflies, squirrels and other creatures running around on this quilt.  Barbara has such a knack for color and fabric.  It all goes together so beautifully without all being from the same fabric line.  I’d like to take her fabric shopping with me.


The background quilting is my brand of McTavishing.



The border has hooked feathers.


Barbara picked a pale green flower print for the backing fabric.  Perfect choice.



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