Remember the Fall Days of Your Youth?

I grew up in Maryland where the beautiful leaves in the fall would eventually fall to the the ground, only to be raked into a pile by my Dad.  Then the fun would begin.  It was so much fun to jump and play in those piles.  This quilt takes me back to my childhood.  Can’t you just imagine wrapping this around you as though you were covered with those fall leaves?  My customer Susan made this Stack and Slash.  The chocolate brown border gives your eye a place to rest where the more subtle quilting adds the design.  King Tut variagated thread was used.

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Southern Magnolias

This beauty is one of my customer’s quilts.  The classic, high contrast quilts always have a special attraction for me.  I used Sew Fine white thread top and bobbin, Quilter’s Dream poly white batting.  I choose the poly for the bright white color.  Didn’t want to dull the bright white fabric with a cream colored batting.  I quilted a leaf vine in the sashing, feathers with leaves and magnolias in the setting triangles, piano key border, and crosshatching in the black blocks.  If the white appears a bit yellow in the pics, it is just my lack of photography skills.

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She had used a pretty pink for the backing.  The white thread on the pink created a lovely quilt on the reverse side.


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Lone Star Quilt

It has taken me several days to finish quilting this Lone Star (and only a year to get it on the quilting frame).  I did steaming cups of coffee in the corners and the solid squares.



and as you can see, curls and cc in the Lone Star.  Arabica bean plants with the “cherries.”  I learned that each “cherry” contains 2 coffee beans.  Who knew?


Since I used matching thread in the gold border, it was difficult to get a picture of the quilting.  I quilted hooked feathers with occassional loops (to tie it in with the loops in the steam of the coffee cups).  They were really easy and fast.


The dark brown border in the picture above has double piano keys with curls inbetween.  It is really hard to see.  But I experimented and found a really easy way to incorporate straight lines and solve a problem I sometimes have with piano keys.  When I take the quilt off the frame, I’ll take picture of the back and explain what I’m talking about.

Hang in there Brian.  It’s almost done!!!!

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