Memories of Provence-Part 6

The quilting is complete. Hurrah!!! This post looks at the final borders and the center.

For the checkerboard border, I just couldn’t make myself quilt each little 3/4″ square. So I treated the border as 2 four patches on the diagonal and quilted line dancing. I also quilted line dancing in each triangle.  The last border has piano keys. Easy and I like how I can slightly adjust the edge of the quilt when trimming.

It makes an interesting diamond pattern on the back.

Other than the background quilting, I left the center quilting until the end. I like to repeat motifs and I wasn’t sure what I would quilt. So the center square is quilted with line dancing, sid, and leaf feather.  

The feather star has feathers and point to point straight line quilting.

  I repeated the leaf feather in the applique and of course, the flower center begged for pebbles. The large leaves needed veins.


Line dancing was repeated in the baskets.

The quilt draped over my Longarm.

Well, it’s done. Always a relief to get to the end but always a pleasure to see it hanging at various venues. Guess I’ll have to buy a bunch of tickets and see if I can win it back. Sure would look good on my bed!

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Snowy Quilt, McTavishing, and Innova

I continue to work on my Snowy quilt inbetween working on customers’. Sometimes I just have to set my own aside and spend a week or two on customer quilts so I don’t get too far behind.

Below is a picture of my version of McTavishing around the letters, which are only 1 1/2inches at most. I always stitch around letters right in the ditch first. Then do the background fill.




I haven’t mentioned my longarm for a long time. Back in August I purchased an Innova with lightning stitch. This quilt is the first custom where I am stitching in complicated areas such as the letters and doing designs such as McTavishing. I couldn’t be happier. The control is great and the stitch regulator always gives me the right size stitches, beautifully formed. It’s definitely a machine that performs well.

Thanks Innova and The Virginia Longarm Network.


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Hexagons and Crabs and Mermaids and More!

What an amazing quilt. I meant to ask Cindy if she designed this quilt herself because she frequently designs the most amazing quilts. The sea is her favorite theme and this one has the unlikely combination of hexagons and all sorts of sea creatures.

I used a stencil in the hexagon blocks. The background is mostly my version of McTavishing. The outside blue border did not photograph well. I used variegated thread to stitch seashells that were from a Panto that Michelle Wyman designed. You can see the seashells on the pictures of the back.

Enjoy the many pictures.









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Customer Quilt Show

It has been crazy around here.  You would think that since I don’t “work” I would have lots of time.  Not really.  I’m busy from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed and I’m still not spending as much time cleaning the house as I should (not that it’s going to change).

These customer quilts were finished 2-3 months ago.

Susan’s quilt (maybe her first but not sure) – pantograph

Jean’s Tumbling Blocks Quilt with Ebb and Flow Pantograph

Marilyn’s Christmas Applique Quilt – she will add beads to some of the blocks to finish them. Some of the fabrics were fuzzy.  Border is quilted with swags but it’s difficult to see.

Santa with fuzzy bear and curls in his beard.

McTavishing in background

and in the center of the horn.  First time I’ve used the ribbon meander and I love it.

Vicki’s Tablecloth

I used a stencil for some of the blocks and then did a feather meander around them.

Nancy K’s baby quilt with a feather meander.

That’s all for today.  Hopefully I’ll get more of the photos cropped and ready to post.

Still piecing my own quilt for our Guild quilt show.  Now I’m working on the 72  6 inch sawtooth stars.  I must get finished by the end of June so I have time to quilt it.  I’d like to add additional borders to make it large enough for my bed, but we’ll see.

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Some Lovely Customer Quilts

Time for another mini-show of my customer’s quilts.

Andrea’s cats.

Andrea used a purple fabric pen to color some areas of the cats purple to coordinate with the border.

Diana’s string quilt in vibrant black, white, and fuchsia.

Simplicity pantograph

Jeanne’s Blooming Nine Patch with Whirlygig pantograph.

Mary’s Tennessee Star (I think that’s the name.)  I would love to have this quilt on my bed.

Rosie pantograph.

Lovely border.

The back.

Lastly, Marilyn’s applique quilt with custom quilting-feathers, pebbles, morphing (my kind of McTavishing), and sid.

Glad you stopped by to see these quilts.

Thanksgiving is just 2 days away.  I pray that even if you have challenges  or heartache in your life that you can find at least 5 things/people/situations to be thankful for.

I am Sew Grateful.




The Luna Moth Has Landed

Today I leave for Raleigh, NC to the NC Quilt Symposium.  I’ve never been a full time student for this 3 day quilt show and classes.  I have gone to the quilt show a couple of times, but this time,  I get to attend classes, eat, sleep, drink wine, and giggle with friends.  So love doing all of the above.

The Symposium asked quilters to volunteer to make an apron that will be auctioned off to raise money for their local food bank.  Always glad to help with such efforts.    I had to name it for the auction.  I tried to think of something that had to do with luna moths but the light bulb wasn’t coming on.  Finally I was saying “luna moth” out loud over and over and said lunar module.  So silly me used word play to name it.

The pattern is Apron Jazz by Barbara Brandeburg.  The only change I made was to make the bib portion into a little mini quilt before attaching the skirt.  I appliqued a luna moth and then did my version of McTavishing around it.  The apron skirt forms a “V” as does the bib.  I love the border on the skirt.  Fabrics are Amy Butler.


Did you notice my pretty flower garden in the background.  I’m definitely not a gardener, so I’m so enjoying how pretty it looks this year.

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The Sun Is Shinning

Cindy’s “sun” quilt is a delightful collection of fabric and design.  I used my version of McTavishing, outline applique, curl border, and wiggley piano keys with Sew Fine thread.  It’s tough to take a picture of a light quilt lying on a beige run but I think you can see it pretty well.  Enjoy.

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