Quilt Show Wednesday

Not that every Wednesday there will be a quilt show.  I’ve just been so busy that I’ve gotten behind in posting quilt pictures.  It always amazes me when I see a pictures of  the quilts.  I see the affect value has and how the entire quilt looks.  I guess keeping my nose 8 inches from the quilt for hours at a time gives me tunnel vision!

First up is Nancy’s Twisting Twenty.  I love how the value placement of fabric creates the diagonal stripes.

Pantograph was Anne Bright’s 10″ Variety

The backing fabric was lovely.  I bought 2 yards of it after I quilted this quilt.  Don’t have any plans for it.  Just loved it.  You know how that is, don’t you?

Next up is Marilyn’s Granddaughter’s quilt.  If I remember correctly, this teenage picked out the fabric she wanted and the quilt turned out just perfect.

The pantograph is Rosie.

You can see the pantograph better on the back.

Marian’s stars is a lovely little quilt that just needed some texture.  Too much design would have taken away from the stars and the fabric in the stars is so great that I wanted to let them shine on their own.  The pantograph is Simplicity.

And the back…

Lastly are two baby quilts.  The first is Betty’s Zoo Animals with Bubble pantograph.  So sweet.

And this one is Vicki’s Present.  It is pieced to resemble a present.  Now wouldn’t that make the perfect small gift for someone for any occasion?  You could use fabrics that related to the occasion.  Vicki’s is a baby present.  I absolutely love  this idea.

The back is just as pretty.  The pantograph is Camellias.

Hope you enjoyed the show.  Have a productive and lovely day.  Thanks for stopping by.



My Husband’s Heart

My sweet husband, who is much more comfortable in the garage with a saw in hand or out in the yard with a shovel, or better yet, on the golf course with a club in his hand, has a heart for our soldiers.  So he has made his 3rd QOV to contribute towards the 82 Quilts for the 82 Airborne.  The quilting is a pantograph called Patriot.  Here he is holding it up.  (Click on pic to enlarge.)


Busy quilting QOV’s for the 82nd.  Also started on my own QOV for the 82nd.  This is the beginning of the middle panel.  The pic tells me I need to add some shadows between some of the far away mountains.  It looks like one big mountain (which it isn’t when you see it close up.).


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Look At This QOV With Embroidery

I finished quilting this Quilt of Valor today.  I used the Patriot Pantograph by Jodi Beamish with PermaCore Thread in Blond Mist on top and Mother Goose on bottom.  I went around the center block which has a neat machine embroidery.  In that block I quilted background curls.  Judy H from the Sandhills Quilters Guild made this quilt for the 82 For The 82nd Airborne.qovjudyhenshaw3




You did a great job Judy.

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Remember the Fall Days of Your Youth?

I grew up in Maryland where the beautiful leaves in the fall would eventually fall to the the ground, only to be raked into a pile by my Dad.  Then the fun would begin.  It was so much fun to jump and play in those piles.  This quilt takes me back to my childhood.  Can’t you just imagine wrapping this around you as though you were covered with those fall leaves?  My customer Susan made this Stack and Slash.  The chocolate brown border gives your eye a place to rest where the more subtle quilting adds the design.  King Tut variagated thread was used.

Click on the picture to enlarge.



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Customer’s Contemporary Quilt

I’m pretty old fashion.  I like pearls and lace, saying “sir” and “madam”, baking bread, pouring tea from a teapot into a pretty tea cup.  But every once in awhile, something modern, contemporary in look and feel gets my attention.  This quilt is  one of those things.  As usual, click on the image to enlarge.

marilyn-ring-around1Didn’t have good lighting this afternoon so the quilting doesn’t show.

marilyn-ring-around2I used a panto called Simplicity with a light grey thread.  It worked beautifully.  I’ve place this pattern in my “someday I’d like to make one of these”  folder.  I really love Marilyn’s quilt.

The other project this week is making a wedding veil for my step-daughter.  I’m trying to replicate this very expensive one in a bridal salon.

print-2This is a first for me and I’m very nervous about doing this.  So far there really hasn’t been anything difficult about it.  Of course I don’t have the exact lace and I scared of doing something wrong, but, cross my fingers, so far it going along fine.  I’m moving at a snail’s pace, so I can avoid any problems.  Perhaps I’ll have a picture for a post tomorrow.

The next project after the veil is a lovely Dresden Plate quilt that will get a custom treatment.  I’m looking forward to quilting some feathers.

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Grandson’s Hockey Quilt & WIP

My Grandson, Alex, has played in-line hockey for a number of years now.  So I made a hockey quilt out of his jerseys and one sweatshirt.  It really was quite easy.  The interfacing I used stabilized the jerseys but kept them soft.  The cornerstones were a part of the sleeves.  The North Carolina NHL team is the Hurricanes so I picked the pantograph “Hurricane.”  So save those t-shirts and jerseys.  Your kids/grandkids will love a quilt made out of them. 

That white streak is just a ray of sunshine.  Something we haven’t seen much of lately.




This is another Christmas present.  Only it is for my son, Brian, and it was for LAST CHRISTMAS!  I gave him the completed top with a promise to get it quilted.  I can’t believe it is a year later and I am just finishing it.  Next post I’ll show the quilting.


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