Hugs and Kisses Quilt

This quilt is my last quilt as leader of the Guild’s Quilts of Love (aka Heart Quilts) program. Members make blocks which are assembled into quilts and given to members who lose a love one or who are in the hospital. I’ve been doing this for five years and have spent many hours working on a total of 51 quilts. Between my longarm business, increased physical fitness activities, and a desire to make quilts for myself (imagine that!), I needed to free up some time. I’m also very tired of “hearts.”

So this last quilt only has one small heart. It’s the Hugs and Kisses quilt tutorial from Christa’s Quilts. Click here to view the tutorial. You’ll notice as you scroll down that she has already finish another quilt-a-long and is about to start yet another. You might want to visit her store where an awesome sale is going on.

For quilting I did a freehand overall of hearts and swirls. I did the hearts the way Nichole Rivera does on her YouTube video, “Bottom’s Up Hearts.” First time I’ve done a freehand overall and it won’t be the last! I also experimented with swags with the hearts inside. While it stitched out fine, choosing to do it in a double border with high contrast fabrics, was not the right place to use it.

Here’s several pics.




Swags and hearts


The backing fabric was donated by Joyce and it is just perfect for this quilt. See the Eiffel Towers?
Another Guild member will bind it as it will be delivered to the new Quilts of Love chairman, Sandra, and her committee tomorrow.



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