The Sun Is Shinning

Cindy’s “sun” quilt is a delightful collection of fabric and design.  I used my version of McTavishing, outline applique, curl border, and wiggley piano keys with Sew Fine thread.  It’s tough to take a picture of a light quilt lying on a beige run but I think you can see it pretty well.  Enjoy.

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Close The Barnyard Gate!!!

Someone left the barnyard gate open and I was surrounded by 9 roosters!  Anne’s work on this applique Radical Rooster quilt is exceptional.  Each rooster has his own story or personality.  So each rooster has his own background fill that relates to him with curls in each to maintain continuity.  The roosters must have been running around the checkerboard border because there are rooster tracks!  The rising sun is in each setting triangle.

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This feels really strange.  Seriously.  It’s really strange to think that I plan on sharing my thoughts and feelings; my passion for quilting, my life with whomever should happen to stumble upon this page.  I’ve spent hours reading quilting and sewing blogs, being inspired and sometimes challenged, sometimes laughing at the antics of other quilters and at other times crying with them.  But who would be interested in what goes on in my very tiny part of this world?  Probably no one.  BUT, there is a part of me that thinks this might be good for ME.  Enough philosophising.  On with it!

I made this quilt for my daughter-in-law, Holly.  She wanted something girlie, a lap quilt for when she takes a nap when my grandchildren are napping.  I knew I wanted a Dresden Plate but I also knew I didn’t want the usual on point or straight set arrangement.  So I put a plate in the middle and started building around it.  The applique is needle turn-just simple shapes.  I used a layer of Quilters Dream Cotton with Dream Puff on top. 

Lovely Lady

The motifs are a design of Sharon Schamber’s.  I used bits and pieces of the whole design in various places around the quilt.  The design was marked with blue wash out marker.  The background is McTavishing and pebbles with a double piano key border.  This is the first time I have tried something this complex.  I made many mistakes but was proud of myself nevertheless. 



The name of this quilt is Lovely Lady, afterall, it is for my lovely daughter-in-law.  She cried when she saw it.  I’m happy.

I have much to learn about this blogging “stuff.”  Bear with me. 

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