Memories of Provence-Part 6

The quilting is complete. Hurrah!!! This post looks at the final borders and the center.

For the checkerboard border, I just couldn’t make myself quilt each little 3/4″ square. So I treated the border as 2 four patches on the diagonal and quilted line dancing. I also quilted line dancing in each triangle.  The last border has piano keys. Easy and I like how I can slightly adjust the edge of the quilt when trimming.

It makes an interesting diamond pattern on the back.

Other than the background quilting, I left the center quilting until the end. I like to repeat motifs and I wasn’t sure what I would quilt. So the center square is quilted with line dancing, sid, and leaf feather.  

The feather star has feathers and point to point straight line quilting.

  I repeated the leaf feather in the applique and of course, the flower center begged for pebbles. The large leaves needed veins.


Line dancing was repeated in the baskets.

The quilt draped over my Longarm.

Well, it’s done. Always a relief to get to the end but always a pleasure to see it hanging at various venues. Guess I’ll have to buy a bunch of tickets and see if I can win it back. Sure would look good on my bed!

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Room For All-In My Garden and In My Heart

I have finally come up for air. This quilt has consumed all of my quilting time for a long time. No customer quilts, no other quilting projects though we moved my sewing and Longarm rooms to the other end of the house. But that mess is a post for another day!

I have debated whether or not to fully express what this quilt says to me. But decided to do it, no matter the response for I have become personally aware of the closed hearts of some.

This quilt was born out of an idea when I was sitting at my kitchen table last summer watching the birds fly in to the bird bath. There were so many of them and in the middle of it all, a bluebird decided to take a bath. It didn’t matter that he was bigger and “different” from the goldfinches. There was room for him too. Even the squirrels are welcomed. I realized this was a picture of the heart I have for people. My family and friends consist of members that are different in looks or background or views but no less loved. So there is room for all in my garden and in my heart. Sometimes this is a work in progress, but, with God’s love, I will continue to grow.

Quilt is fusible, raw edge applique, edges stitched on the Longarm, dense quilting. Without Steam-a-Seam 2, I couldn’t have made this. I had a drawing from several photos but didn’t have exact placement or flowers. Since the fusible has a sticky back, I was able to stick pieces on the background and then rearrange them until I was happy. The squirrel crossing sign is a photo of the sign in my garden printed on EQ printer fabric and then stitched.

Enough talk. Here’s the quilt.












It is done for now. But I might get my box of beads out and see what happens!

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Customer’s Shirt Quilts

Judy recently lost her husband and although she wasn’t a quilter, made two quilts from her husband’s shirts with a friend’s help. One is an Ohio State t-shirt quilt and the other one is a golf shirt quilt. She’s a quilter now!!

I used the pantograph Simplicity on the t-shirt quilt.



Since the golf shirt quilt had plackets and collars, I quilted a freehand overall meander to avoid those areas.


I’m sure these quilts will be a sweet remembrance of Judy’s husband.

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Hugs and Kisses Quilt

This quilt is my last quilt as leader of the Guild’s Quilts of Love (aka Heart Quilts) program. Members make blocks which are assembled into quilts and given to members who lose a love one or who are in the hospital. I’ve been doing this for five years and have spent many hours working on a total of 51 quilts. Between my longarm business, increased physical fitness activities, and a desire to make quilts for myself (imagine that!), I needed to free up some time. I’m also very tired of “hearts.”

So this last quilt only has one small heart. It’s the Hugs and Kisses quilt tutorial from Christa’s Quilts. Click here to view the tutorial. You’ll notice as you scroll down that she has already finish another quilt-a-long and is about to start yet another. You might want to visit her store where an awesome sale is going on.

For quilting I did a freehand overall of hearts and swirls. I did the hearts the way Nichole Rivera does on her YouTube video, “Bottom’s Up Hearts.” First time I’ve done a freehand overall and it won’t be the last! I also experimented with swags with the hearts inside. While it stitched out fine, choosing to do it in a double border with high contrast fabrics, was not the right place to use it.

Here’s several pics.




Swags and hearts


The backing fabric was donated by Joyce and it is just perfect for this quilt. See the Eiffel Towers?
Another Guild member will bind it as it will be delivered to the new Quilts of Love chairman, Sandra, and her committee tomorrow.



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