Modern and Meaningful Quilts

Nothing is more meaningful than a t-shirt quilt that chronicles the adventures of a young lady. I know she will treasure this forever. Sue is new to quilting and did a great job tackling this large project. Simplicity Pantograph.

Chris made an awesome modern quilt. Love the beautiful blue fabrics. Ocean Froth pantograph-one of my favorites!

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HMQS Wholecloth Quilts

Of course, being a Longarm quilter, I’m partial to whole cloths. Here’s one from the show I liked along with close ups.

I’m trying to be brave and use contrasting thread but I’ve only used a differing shade of the fabric color.  This quilter used green, blue, and an orange thread.

The next quilt makes you ask, “How did she do that?” Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the entire quilt.  In the close ups you can see light blue stitching that isn’t quilting. So I guess she stitched the blue design without backing and then added more batting and backing for the quilting. Amazing.

The last wholecloth, I liked the center design and the grid work.

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HMQS Quilts

There’s always beautiful quilts that win prizes and travel to many shows. These are perfection in design, techniques and quilting. But frequently, not always, the quilts that attract me are not the big award winners. Not that I don’t stand there in awe and drool.  Perhaps I like the other quilts best because I feel I can reach for that goal and perhaps even achieve what they accomplished. So here are the quilts I loved best from the show. Each had something that attracted me.

Hope you enjoyed them too.

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HMQS 2016

I returned home Saturday after spending 3 days at the Home Machine Quilt Show in Sandy, Utah, just outside Salt Lake City. This show had a lot of quilts on display though the number of competition quilts, excluding the challenges, seemed small to me. Maybe I missed some. In spite of the title there are classes for quilt construction, techniques, and quilting including Longarm and domestic machines. I had some terrific classes which I will share later.

When I attend a show, I always come home with all those little closeup shots because I’m always looking for “real life” examples of how to use quilting designs.  Some of these are simple but effective and others more challenging.

Next I’ll post some quilts I particularly liked.

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How Do You Do That?

I was roaming through quilty pins this morning and came across this quilt.

Boston Commons by Patricia Byron. It’s of interest to me because I’m sewing 2″ squares as my leaders and enders and this would be one idea of what to make with them. But how did she bind or face the edge? If you know, please tell me in the comments.

This pin came from a blog called Janice Elaine Sews. I love her tag line.

“The only place where housework comes before needlework in in the dictionary.”

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Wonderful Customer Quilts

Enjoy the great quilts made by my customers and quilted by me.

First is Marlene’s very large appliqued double wedding ring. What a great idea and the only way I would make a double wedding ring. Isn’t it beautiful?!! Lush leaves pantograph.

Next is Alisa’s hot pink and navy auction quilt. Stunning. Frisky fears pantograph.

Cozy and snuggly is Ann’s inviting scrap quilt. The is another very large one and the second one of these she has made. What a busy lady. Ocean Froth pantograph.

Speaking of snuggly, nothing is more snuggly than a baby quilt backed with Minkee. Isn’t this adorable? Love the colors too. Bayside pantograph which is a fairly open Panto which works well with Minkee.

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