I’m one of those quilters who starts projects and sometimes doesn’t finish them. Since I’ve been doing this for years, I have a sizable pile of UFO’s. Frequently it’s a case of not taking the time inbetween customer quilts to quilt my own quilts. Sometimes I try something and it doesn’t work out. And sometimes I just don’t know what to do!

But, it always feels so good to get some project that’s been hanging over my head done. So I’m joining a Finish-A-Long which I found Here on Ronda’s Ramblings. I like that it’s every quarter and not monthly. The fact that there’s a possibility of prizes doesn’t hurt either!

So here’s my 1st quarter list. Rather an ambitious list.

Priority number 1. Finish Wm Morris quilt. Which means I have to decide what I’m going to do with it.

Quilt Gratitude quilt.

Finish quilting Juliet’s wholecloth quilt.

Anna’s modern quilt is just a plan.

Finish the Christmas pillow I swore was going to be finished for this past Christmas.

Add something to this mess and finish it as a comfort quilt.

Finish large snail trails quilt (finished to this point over 12 years ago). Habitat quilt.

Whew. I need a nap.

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Memories of Provence-Part 6

The quilting is complete. Hurrah!!! This post looks at the final borders and the center.

For the checkerboard border, I just couldn’t make myself quilt each little 3/4″ square. So I treated the border as 2 four patches on the diagonal and quilted line dancing. I also quilted line dancing in each triangle.  The last border has piano keys. Easy and I like how I can slightly adjust the edge of the quilt when trimming.

It makes an interesting diamond pattern on the back.

Other than the background quilting, I left the center quilting until the end. I like to repeat motifs and I wasn’t sure what I would quilt. So the center square is quilted with line dancing, sid, and leaf feather.  

The feather star has feathers and point to point straight line quilting.

  I repeated the leaf feather in the applique and of course, the flower center begged for pebbles. The large leaves needed veins.


Line dancing was repeated in the baskets.

The quilt draped over my Longarm.

Well, it’s done. Always a relief to get to the end but always a pleasure to see it hanging at various venues. Guess I’ll have to buy a bunch of tickets and see if I can win it back. Sure would look good on my bed!

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Memories of Provence-Part 5

Have you ever planned the quilting design ahead of time only to realize when it was time to sew it that it just isn’t right? That happened with this border. I had a very intricate design planned. But the applique and pieced designs in this pattern are not delicate. When I pinned the paper drawing on the border, it just wasn’t right. Took me awhile to understand why. So the quilting is basic feathers with an occasional leaf and curl thrown in. I used circles to draw the arc for the vine and followed the same procedure as in the last border. I stitched a flower at the end of each vine and in the corner.

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Zippered Pouches For Christmas

My husband and I made all these Quick Zip Cases by Patterns by Annie for Christmas gifts for all the family.  I bought the pattern from Linderella’s Quilt Shop in Southern Pines.  There were 11 more than this but some had to be given away before they were all finished.  It was fun to match fabric to the person-football for 2 boys, soccer for 1 man and 1 boy, comics for 1 boy, and of course Star Wars and “texting” abbreviations to name a few.

If I have the hair brained idea to do this next year, I hope I start in June (but I probably won’t).

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Memories of Provence-Part 4

Christmas is over and the company have gone home.  I hope your holiday has been a blessed one.  The nativity my husband built and installs in the front yard always reminds me of why I bake all those cookies and cook all that food.  Back to normal life and quilting.

On to the grey border.

I tried out several different arcs. Laying them on the border at the point that the top of the curve touched one side, I measured the distance between the points where the arc crossed the border edge on the opposite side.  I chose the arc that was the closest to a whole number when I divided the border length (measured interior corner to interior corner) by the arc measurement.  Mark the center of the border.  I marked the arc, flipping it upside down and then right side up until I got to the center of the border. Then I marked the other side stopping at center line.  However it works out at center will be fine. Just make your feathers “kiss” and it will be pretty.

First I stitch the spine from center to one side and then feather my way to the center.  It is necessary to backtrack a couple of inches when the curve moves away from the edge and you are stitching on the opposite side. This may sound confusing but as soon as you do it, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Here’s the border.  Actually used the wrong thread.  Had picked out an almost matching grey but loaded a lighter grey. I stitched half the border wondering what was wrong. By then it was too late and it stayed.  Doesn’t bother me so much now.

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Fun Customer Quilt

My friend, Karen, made this quilt for Christmas for an adult son. She had been collecting black and white fabrics for years. Then at the Guild retreat in October she started construction. It’s such a happy quilt without having all bright, in your face fabrics. I love all the different black and white designs. There’s letters, swirls, squiggly lines, creepy crawly things, dots, and of course, Star Wars. Then to top it all off with the flying geese with a punch of color. Just delightful.

Quilted in black thread with Star Swirl pantograph.

The backing was a batik in a spider web design.

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