I have finally come up for air. This quilt has consumed all of my quilting time for a long time. No customer quilts, no other quilting projects though we moved my sewing and Longarm rooms to the other end of the house. But that mess is a post for another day!

I have debated whether or not to fully express what this quilt says to me. But decided to do it, no matter the response for I have become personally aware of the closed hearts of some.

This quilt was born out of an idea when I was sitting at my kitchen table last summer watching the birds fly in to the bird bath. There were so many of them and in the middle of it all, a bluebird decided to take a bath. It didn’t matter that he was bigger and “different” from the goldfinches. There was room for him too. Even the squirrels are welcomed. I realized this was a picture of the heart I have for people. My family and friends consist of members that are different in looks or background or views but no less loved. So there is room for all in my garden and in my heart. Sometimes this is a work in progress, but, with God’s love, I will continue to grow.

Quilt is fusible, raw edge applique, edges stitched on the Longarm, dense quilting. Without Steam-a-Seam 2, I couldn’t have made this. I had a drawing from several photos but didn’t have exact placement or flowers. Since the fusible has a sticky back, I was able to stick pieces on the background and then rearrange them until I was happy. The squirrel crossing sign is a photo of the sign in my garden printed on EQ printer fabric and then stitched.

Enough talk. Here’s the quilt.












It is done for now. But I might get my box of beads out and see what happens!

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Finally loaded my bird quilt on the longarm. I know why I’ve procrastinated. I’m afraid I’ll mess it up. But it isn’t a quilt until it’s quilted. So I’m moving on.

I made 3 or 4 different flower shapes with their heads turn in slightly different directions. I knew when I was quilting I would get confused as to where the interior petal edges were. So I used a Frixon pen to mark the petals before I loaded the quilt top. That way I stitch on the lines and can get rid of those marked lines with my iron.

Here you can see the markings.


This pic shows a flower whose edges are stitched down. I have changed to a darker pink thread to stitch the center. Not sure what I’m going to do with the very center as periwinkles have a hollow center, not a bumpy one like sunflowers.


I need to finish the pink flowers today if I have shades of pink thread I think I want!

Thanks for stopping by to see my progress.

Both of these quilts were made by my customers. The sailboat one is so adorable and so well pieced by Barbara. The pantograph Ebb and Flow was perfect.




Paula’s bird quilt is cross stitched. I followed preprinted lines around the flowers and along the borders. Those lines were straight but I chose to curve them as a part of the feather quilting. Paula didn’t want quilting in the cross stitch.



Hope you enjoyed my customers beautiful work.
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UFO Finished

Boy does that feel good. I made this top 9 years ago. It’s been waiting for me to quilt it all this time. It’s interesting to see how my piecing skill has increased since then. I certainly press better now too.

This quilt top was rather dull and uninteresting. So this is what I did to jazz it up.


The cardinals were an experiment. A successful one!! Thread was Superior metallic.


The rest of it just happened. Thread Sew Fine.





If I had known I would do this much quilting, I would have only used cream fabrics on the back. But the red needed to leave my stash.




Winter Cardinals was a pleasant surprise. Now I’m itchy to get started on another UFO in my “To Be Quilted” closet.

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I finally quit adding flowers, moving them and leaves around. Had an empty area bottom right which needed more weight, so I added a squirrel crossing sign. Then I removed most of the hydrangea bush and repositioned it. After all that, still needed a few minor adjustments. Now I’m done. I have fused the fabrics to prevent me from moving anything else. I’m satisfied.

“Room For All” has been the working title since I first sat in my kitchen and saw the bluebird fly in to take a bath while the goldfinches were drinking. Not sure yet but the title might end up being “Room For All-In My Garden and My Heart.”

I still have splashing water to figure out. Had some wool batting pulled apart to blur the edges of the bluebird and that worked somewhat. Just haven’t made a decision yet.

Right now the pink flowers are flat but hopefully the quilting will solve that problem. Here it is on my design wall.


It will be fun to compare this picture to the quilted picture.

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I have been starring at these birds and birdbath for a year. Couldn’t seem to move onto the next step. Probably because I didn’t know what that would be. But Palustris entries are due in a week so I’m making myself move on. Hope I can get it done.

Taking a picture of a quilt in progress seems to help me see what’s right and what’s not. So below is what it looks like at this moment. Before you scroll down to look at it, I need you to know the hydrangea bush behind the bird bath is not finished. I have many more flowers in front of the hydrangea to make and the bluebird which usually sits in the birdbath has left to go on a diet! Perhaps you can see where I’m heading though.

It’s hard to look at it at this moment and think it will turn out okay. But I’m having faith that after I move things around 10 times, I will be happy with it.

So here goes-


I have one more side to bind on this quilt and then will show a picture of the whole quilt. This block is not as wonky as it appears. The quilt is draped over the arm of a chair where I sew.


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For some reason, I seem to be unable to work on one project at a time. Here’s the ones I’m actively working on. There are more that are simply sitting waiting for me to either solve a problem or get interested in once again.

Together my husband and I are working on a little boy’s quilt for the Falcon Children’s Home. When Craig works with me, the work goes faster and he has a chance to give back.

The center is a construction panel. Pattern came from a magazine.



Outside border blocks


Hopefully this will be finished for next Guild meeting.

Finished two customer quilts. Unfortunately one of my pictures was completely black. Some of my pictures are blurry. I’m having trouble with my camera. Maybe it’s time for a new one.

Carolyn’s Jelly roll quilt.


The Queen Bee made a Heart Quilt for the Guild to give to a sick or grieving member.


Most of my time has been spent quilting an old top of mine. It feels so good to get an UFO out of my “To Be Quilted” closet. Here’s a part of it. Hopefully it will come off the Longarm today.


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