Recent Customer Quilts

I don’t normally do custom quilting on customer quilts, but when I was asked to quilt this lovely table runner, I figured it was small enough that I could get it done quickly. Since the curves are a folded over and stitched down edge of fabric, I was concerned that a pantograph would flip the edge. Joanne made this at the Guild’s retreat in Oct.


Dodie made a couple small and quick quilts for grandchildren. These will be loved until they are worn out. Bubble pantograph on one of them.

Ann very kindly made a quilt out of a friend’s husband’s ties. She added the tags from the inside which give info important to the family. Pantograph is Bubbles.

My bee, the Queen Bee, is continuing to make comfort quilts from a donated stash. The first one is a piece of fabric with borders added. Doesn’t the fabric look as if it was pieced?  Strawberry Patch is the pantograph.

And this sweet quilt is quilted with Hearts A Flutter pantograph.

Three birthdays in the family in October.

My son, Brian, and his wife Rhonda have birthdays just days apart. So they got one cake, not two. That little sweetheart is Juliet, grandchild number 12. Oh, and the little dog is Squirt.

My son Greg, is also an October baby. This cake requires an explanation. To cut a long story short, I’ll just say his girlfriend, Melissa, got 3 cakes on her birthday from me and declared that she was the favorite child. So Greg said he was expecting a seven layer cake for his birthday to show he was the favorite child. Since his birthday was close to Halloween and I had a 9 x 13 cake in the freezer, I cut it into eights and attempted to stack those fat layers and frost it. It was skinny and tall and wonky. I quit at 7 layers. The spiders are plastic.

The longer it sat, the more it leaned until…

He didn’t care. He just told Melissa HE was the favorite child since his was seven layers. Lol

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Simple and Lovely Quilt

This next customer quilt shows that not everything pretty has to be complicated.  Dodie made a quilt out of squares which when quilted with an Anne Bright pantograph is lovely and cuddly. 

Dodie has been busy! Here’s a t-shirt quilt she made. Pretty Paisley pantograph.

My Queen Bee was given a bunch of Dresden plate blocks and at first, wondered how to make them look good together. The decision was made not to use a couple of them. Amy chose the right sashing and when quilted, it will be greatly appreciated by someone in a local nursing home. Frisky Feathers pantograph.

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Garden Quilt Needs More?

Since the last time I shared this quilt, I added beads to the center of the periwinkles. 

It is a subtle difference but I like it.

The title of this quilt is Room For All. At the time I took the photos, there were many more birds and squirrels running around. 

 I’m not eager to put more time into it, but I’m not comfortable that the quilt reflects the title and my intent.  Perhaps I should add a lizard at the base of the periwinkles and another bird.  How do you know when enough is enough?

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Crochet Edging on Baby Blanket

I know every Grandma thinks her grandchildren are the cutest, most wonderful grandchildren in the world and I’m no exception. Here’s the latest addition to our family. She is the 12th grandchild between my children and my stepchildren, but they are all mine!!

Juliet Maryann ( the Mary is for my Mom and that is so special to me-Ann is for Juliet’s sweet Mom) How cool is that!! 

 Maybe 1 week. See the Daddy proof shirt?  
Maybe 1 1/2 months old waving hello.

Isn’t she the cutest??

I have always loved lace and pink. So I bought a cashmere flannel (?) fabric at Elegant Stitches and crocheted an edging on it.

First I rounded the corners and folded the edge over twice and stitched it down. Then I used heavy quilting thread I use for my Longarm and stitched an overlock stitch.

Following instructions with some modification to make the design lay flat, I crocheted an edging using #10 crochet thread. I used the “holes” in the overlock stitching to attach the crochet. I hope the threads don’t break over time. It seemed pretty strong.

This was my first experience with crochet thread and I haven’t crocheted in a long time.  At first the crochet thread felt so thin to me, but now I’d like to try thinner so the lace is finer.

Next I’ll show you the change I made to my bird quilt and talk about what else I may do. I’ll need your opinion so stay tuned.

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More Customer Quilts

I didn’t take pictures of every customer quilt I’ve quilted since spring, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing a few of them.

 Karen’s with Frisky Feathers pantograph.  
Looks good on my bed, don’t you think?  However, she insisted on taking it home.

Barbara’s oriental with Ocean Froth pantograph, which on oriental fabrics looks very Asian.   
Dodie’s strip quilt with Whirlygig pantograph.

Barbara’s Halloween quilt. 
This quilt top was made by Nancy who has passed on to a better life. Her husband has asked me to quilt her tops. She made a beautiful embroidered quilt with every state bird on it but I didn’t get a picture of it. Here’s one of the sampler block tops she made.

I made this quilt for a children’s home.  The center is a panel with borders and stars around it. Pantograph is Popcorn.

I decided Beau was going to get a hair cut today. His coat is so heavy and he is always panting. I didn’t take it down as far as I do in the middle of the summer, but maybe he’ll be more comfortable.  He’s my sweetie.  Of course there are treats near by.

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Marian’s Quilts

My friend and customer, Marian, has made several lovely quilts which I’d like to share with you today.

I love the scrappy diamonds in this large quilt. Pantograph was Wrought Iron.   
Another very large quilt (110×110) so the pictures are just a corner. Pantograph is Ocean Froth.   
I call this wall hanging Peeled Back Tulips. Don’t know if that’s the name or not. Light custom quilting. 
I have finally updated my WordPress template which they’ve been bugging me to do for a long time. Hopefully everything is still there and operating correctly.

Since I haven’t posted for such a long time, I have a lot to share!  So stay tuned.

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Customer’s Spring Quilts

Perfect time of the year to quilt these lovelies!

Dodie’s Butterflies fly around the stars in such a pretty garden of color.

Pretty Paisley pantograph. 


Amy’s stunning colors shine in her pieced top. I added design with an Anne Bright Dutch pantograph and King Tut variegated thread.



Thanks for the pleasure of quilting your quilt.