Southwestern Quilt

I made this quilt for my brother who lives in the southwestern United States. He loves living in that part of the country, the warmth, mountains, forests and wildlife. I wanted to personalize the quilt so I quilted bears, rams and mountains from pictures he had sent to me.

Here’s the bear and ram that were quilted in each triangle.

I used these curls to represent wind.

There’s also point to point and quilted leaves in this block.

Line dancing was appropriate for a lot of triangles since he likes to dance.

The outside border just has more straight lines and leaves.

The small green border has a quote from Thoreau. It reads “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

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Scrappy Stars Quilt

Liz is the Scrap Queen! She does great scrappy quilts and makes them beautiful. I can’t seem to let go of control enough to do it so I admire her skill.

Quilted with Simplicity pantograph.

My son’s middle boy, Evan, just finished this seasons football. Tried to get a picture in his uniform but he sheds it fast. The gun is an air rifle not the real thing. My son teaches his boys respect for them. I’m proud of both of them.

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Quilts With Same Colorway

Carolyn made 2 quilts with the same colorway (some fabrics repeated) but different patterns. Both are lovely.

I’m always partial to the contrast with white and I buy more white fabric than any other fabric. Someday I’ll change but not today!! So I really love this one.

Quilted with Dutch pantograph.

This one has white too, just less. Quilted with Field of Flowers pantograph.

Mmmm. That’s pretty too!

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Heart Quilt

Carolyn made this lovely heart Quilt for the Guild’s Quilts of Love program. If a member loses a close family member or spends a night in the hospital, they get a quilt. We have given away a lot of quilts over the years. It’s wonderful that Carolyn gave of her time and fabric for our Heart Quilts.

Quilted with Hearts A Flutter pantograph.

Some of the members of the Queen Bee visited a member who moved an hour away. Lunch was delicious and Cowboy was a perfect host. We also got to go to the Cary Quilting Company.

Joan and Cowboy, myself, Karen, and Donna

It was fun.

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Guild Raffle Quilt

I had the pleasure of quilting next years Guild Raffle Quilt. The committee did a great job. It’s lovely and it’s large-95″ x 111″.

Quilted with Lush Leaves pantograph using light grey thread.

If you are interested in buying Raffle tickets contact me.

On the baking front, I’m creating sourdough starter. Here it is the morning of the 6th day after being fed.

And this is what it looked like 12 hours later.

I’ll be glad when I’m not feeding it twice a day. I’m hoping to recreate a bread I used to buy for my son, Steven, at the Farmers Market when it was on Pennsylvania Ave near where the police station is now. It was sourdough with applesauce and he loved it. Recently he asked if I could make it. I just need to find a recipe. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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Baby Boy Quilt

Lynn made a sweet baby quilt for a boy. Nice variety of blue patches. Bubbles pantograph.

Cute backing. I appreciated the extra work she did when she put the extra piece inside the backing rather than the outside edge of the backing. I didn’t have to be sure the edge of the quilt didn’t hit that seam.

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