4th Quarter Finish A Long Projects

My list for this quarter is long but you can’t touch the tree top if you don’t reach for the stars. I’m not crazy enough to think I can get all this done but some of them are simple comfort quilts for charity and for some reason, putting projects on the list helps me get more done than when I don’t list my goals. The Wm Morris quilt was on a previous list but I think it needs more “mulling over” so I can figure out what I want to do.

Redwork pillow-make pillow

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude-quilt and bind

Cat pillow-quilt? And make pillow

Anna’s quilt-the whole thing

Comfort quilt Bears-quilt and bind

Dinosaur Comfort quilt-quilt and bind

Cars Comfort quilt-quilt and bind

Construction Comfort quilt-quilt and bind

Several Christmas Runners and Placemats-some need sewing together-all quilt and bind

Labyrinth quilt-finish quilt top-quilt and bind

Dog Collage-make

Happy Villages-finish top-quilt and bind

Baby quilt-finish blocks-quilt and bind

Christmas Wreath-add borders-quilt and bind

I forgot an important one.

Hallack family heart quilt-finish sewing top together-quilt and bind

Oops some pics are upside down.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Customers, and all the projects I want to finish. It’s going to be a busy quarter!

Beau loves my tuffet. Must be a great place for a nap.

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Tuffet In A Day

I took Tuffet In A Day at my local quilt shop, Linderella’s Quilt Shop.  This is the brain child of Sharyn Cole who has a pattern, classes, and website to order supplies.  You have got to check it out. Be sure to visit the gallery.  The possibilities are endless.

Since I have done some upholstery, I wasn’t sure that I needed the class but I am so glad I took it.  She has so many tricks and tips that she has learned over the years.  My tuffet just wouldn’t have been so nice looking without them.  And her foam and base are the best.

Since this was tuffet in a day, all I did at home was to sew 30 strips together on the long side and then sew it into a tube.  I also fused the interfacing that comes in the pattern to muslin and cut out the 8 sections.

Class lasted 5 hours with time out for lunch. I came home with my tuffet complete. As soon as I bent down to take a picture, look who jumped up.


Since I use a jelly roll, I didn’t have any fabric big enough for the button.  I tried creating something out of the strips, but it didn’t look good.  So at the quilt shop, they gave me plain black fabric and some fusible.  I fused the back of one of the strips and cut out the flowers and then fused them to the black fabric.  Turned out good!


I used the Pauline 7″ legs which I actually thought was going to be too low for my legs when sitting in my chair.  But turns out that it is perfect.


I couldn’t be happier.

Check out the class that Sharyn teaches at iquilt.com if you aren’t near Linderella’s.  Just click this link to go directly to her tuffet class.  It would be well worth the price and you can view your class anytime you want and over and over.

I think another tuffet is in my future!

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Customer Quilts

I’m excited to share a couple of customer with you.  This is another sweet quilt from Sharon with Popcorn panto. Sorry for the slightly out of focus.img_1857img_1858img_1859img_1861

Carolyn has been finishing quilt that a dear friend made that recently passed away.  Here’s the blue one also with Popcorn panto.


Liz’s scrappy star is so detailed and complicated.  It amazes me.  If you scroll back through pictures you’ll see another one of these.  She made 2 of these large quilts!!  Bayside panto.

img_1915img_1917img_1918img_1919Thanks for stopping by.



Log Cabin, Pinwheels, and William Morris Quilts

First two quilts are customer quilts. Sharon’s cute pinwheel baby quilt is quilted with Bubbles pantograph.

Isn’t it adorable.

Next is Suzanne’s log cabin. Just beautiful. Quilted with Shell Shock pantograph.

Last is a group quilt by my Standup Stitchers group. It’s a thank you to Buck Smitheson for his support of the Guild and our Standup Stitchers group. First Bonnie stabilized by stitching in the ditch.  I quilted the center with my usual design around applique and then echoed and feathered around the applique border. Then it goes to the next person for quilting.

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Striking Twister Quilt

Amy made this great twister quilt with striking fabric combinations. She bravely made a 98″ x 98″ quilt and added small twisters on the outside border. It adds more playfulness. Popcorn pantograph with black thread.


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Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.


Labyrinth Beauty

Our Guild had Debbie Maddy give a presentation at the Guild meeting and hold a workshop. Her quilts and all the variations were awesome. Here’s Marian’s wallhanging she made in the class.

And the back is pretty too. That print fabric screamed for the pantograph Pretty Paisley.

Been busy lately. Made peach jam without pectin which simply involves cooking the mixture down until it’s thick. Love the taste.

Today we celebrated Craig’s birthday. All his kids came and had a good time together. I baked him a cake with, of course, a golf theme. Craig, the cake decoration, was made out of gum paste 5 years ago and placed on a two tier cake where he had a cake tier to lean on. He was too heavy to stand up on a sheet cake, so I pushed him into the cake up to his knees. Guess he swung at that ball until he dug himself into a hole.

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