Striking Twister Quilt

Amy made this great twister quilt with striking fabric combinations. She bravely made a 98″ x 98″ quilt and added small twisters on the outside border. It adds more playfulness. Popcorn pantograph with black thread.


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Labyrinth Beauty

Our Guild had Debbie Maddy give a presentation at the Guild meeting and hold a workshop. Her quilts and all the variations were awesome. Here’s Marian’s wallhanging she made in the class.

And the back is pretty too. That print fabric screamed for the pantograph Pretty Paisley.

Been busy lately. Made peach jam without pectin which simply involves cooking the mixture down until it’s thick. Love the taste.

Today we celebrated Craig’s birthday. All his kids came and had a good time together. I baked him a cake with, of course, a golf theme. Craig, the cake decoration, was made out of gum paste 5 years ago and placed on a two tier cake where he had a cake tier to lean on. He was too heavy to stand up on a sheet cake, so I pushed him into the cake up to his knees. Guess he swung at that ball until he dug himself into a hole.

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Two Lovely Customer Quilts

Jeanne’s applique quilt is lovely and I love the background fabric she chose to highlight her applique. Normally I try not to use a pantograph on applique quilts because I’m uncertain how it will affect the applique. In this case the applique held up beautifully. Plumage pantograph with Bambi Omni thread.

The next quilt was made by a friend, Nancy, who passed away two years ago. I’m still working on her quilts for her husband. Because I can’t send him to another quilter, I decided to custom this one.

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2016 NC Quilt Symposium

I went to the Symposium this year and took some awesome classes. One of those projects is halfway finished and so I’ll blog about that later and the other one will definitely be finished, but perhaps in 2017.

Here’s some pictures of a couple of the quilts I particularly enjoyed along with the identifying info.

This is an amazing applique quilt with hand quilting. So much work. A member of our Guild, Pat, made it. 

I have been focusing on landscape quilts for the past several years so this one and the barn quilt got my attention. 

The next one is my favorite. It just makes me smile. It’s well done and so creative.

I thought the bird quilt was cute.

Someday I need to make one of these for my middle son. He loves optical illusions.

My quilt, Room For All, won 1st place in the Pictorial category. Always a nice surprise.

Best of all, my Guild’s quilt, Memories of Provence, won Best in Show. Check out previous posts on the making of it.

Raffle tickets can be purchased through me. Let me know if you’re interested.

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Recent Customer Quilts

With summer comes lots of yard work, painting the deck and pergola, trying to grow tomatoes and beets and I’m trying to redo my livingroom. I have squeezed in some time to play golf with my husband, but sometimes this is how my golf goes.

The tree won.

So I haven’t finish very many customer quilts lately, but here’s several.

First one is Liz’s scrappy stars with ambrosia pantograph. The shadow is from being draped over my Longarm because this is a large quilt. The color is so delicious and some of those stars just shine. Love it.

The next 2 quilts were made by Chris.

The fabrics were the focus of this lovely quilt. The pantograph Shell Shock added to it’s “prettiness.”

This quilt is Labyrinth and she made it for a grandson going to college. Garden Swirls worked great on this one and I know her grandson will love it.

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Easy Stash Busting Quilt

One of my bees received a lot of fabric from a lady and we’ve been working on making quilts for nursing homes, Habitat, and other good causes in our areas. This is one made from some of the blue fabric.

This block really looks nice and is so easy.

Makes a 16 1/2″ block. For one block you need:

4 – 5 x 8 1/2 print rectangles

8 – 2  1/4 x 8 1/2 solid strips

I’m using purples and white.

Now sew a white strip to each long side of the purple. I pressed my seam to the purple. Just be consistent and press from the top.

At this point I arrange my 4 blocks so I’m happy with the value placement. Sew the long side of one block to the bottom/top of another. Here a picture is worth a thousand words.

Because pressing that seam towards the purple is pressing it against 2 seams, I chose to press towards the white this time.

Now sew the 2 sections together, nesting the center seam. Like this.

The final block is 16 1/2″ unfinished.

A 3 block by 4 block quilt is 48 1/2″ x 64 1/2″

A 3 block by 5 block quilt is 48 1/2″ x  80 1/2″

A 4 block by 5 block quilt is 64 1/2″ x 80 1/2″

A 5 block by 6 block quilt is 80 1/2″ x 96 1/2″

This isn’t high on my list of quilts to finish by I’ll work on it in little bits of time I have. Perhaps I’ll sew the strips on the rectangles as if they were my leaders and enders.

If you make this quilt, send me a picture and I’ll post it on my blog.

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Beach Love

Just returned from Oak Island where my son Greg and his love were united in marriage.  A beautiful couple, beautiful ceremony, and beautiful family.

The arrival.

The ceremony

The kiss

More kissing

The family united

The dance

The cake

My son fell in love with a woman who is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. And my son….he’s a special man and father. I know he’ll be a special husband.

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